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Diamond Thug bassist injured in scooter accident

2016-09-02 12:12

Cape Town – Diamond Thug bassist Danilo Queiros is recovering in hospital after a road accident on Thursday.

In a post on the Cape Town based band’s Instagram, Danilo explains that he was on his scooter while driving up a road when a driver didn’t see him and turned across his lane. "I flew off my bike, over the car and onto the road, landing directly on my helmet. My scooter sprinkled across the road," says Danilo.

The accident resulted in torn ligaments in Danilo’s right ankle, and according to the post Danilo might still have to undergo an operation. 

See the full post here:

Hey Guys! Danilo here. I have good news and I have bad news. I'll start with the bad news: Yesterday I was in a scooter accident. While driving up a road, the driver of the car didn't see me and turned across my lane, attempting to make a right turn. I flew off my bike, over the car and onto the road, landing directly on my helmet. My scooter sprinkled across the road. The good news is: Luckily I was wearing a helmet that protected my head and neck from any serious damage. Despite the potential for things to have turned out a lot worse, the extent of my injury seems to only be torn ligaments in my right ankle. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who helped at the scene, the paramedics, doctors, nurses and hospital staff who were all very professional and made sure I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the experience. I'm so grateful to have come out of the crash with relatively minor injuries. Unfortunately as a result I won't be able to perform this Saturday at Camel Rock in Scarborough. However since we hate calling off shows, Chantel has agreed to do a Van T set instead of our Diamond Thug set. So it'll be different, but just as good! I'm looking forward to a speedy recovery after some final tests and a potential operation! But I'm alive and that's what I care about most! Thanks to everyone who's shared their love with me over the last 24 hours! You all made me feel so much better.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery Danilo!

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