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Hype Magazine releases their not so original Freshman list for 2018

2018-09-02 00:00
Robin Thirdfloor

Johannesburg - American magazine XXL release a Freshman list of rappers every year. Hype Magazine has taken a leaf out of their book...literally. 

Hip-hop magazine Hype has drafted 30 names of up-and-coming artists who it wants you to help whittle down to just seven to appear on its Freshman cover.

So, let me just get my expected hate out of the way. At the very least Hype magazine could’ve chosen a better name for this project.

XXL, a hip-hop magazine in the US, has been doing this for years with the same name.

Plus we don’t call industry beginners freshmen in South Africa; you don’t hit the freshman’s party at varsity – it’s the freshers.

XXL’s idea is a wholesome one – a simple idea to feature the best in the rising generation of rappers.

Hype has released its straight bite of this idea with a couple of local rappers and a few singers you should look out for. On the short list so far and notably deserving is Astryd Brown, who dropped a fly video posted on a yacht with Nadia Nakai recently. Luna Florentino represents the Punchline Clique with his happy-go-lucky style, which makes for pleasant listening.

Also included is a singer – granted a lot of the rappers on this list do a bit of both – Rowlene from the Cape, for whom you should keep an ear out. Robin Thirdfloor also made the list and this brother is one of the more promising prospects in my opinion. He has a definitive style; it would be hard to confuse his sound for someone else.

Flame from the Wrecking Crew is also included. He’s found his voice of late and seems to be emerging from behind the large shadows of some of his crewmates.

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