Incubus’ Brandon Boyd: Everyone in the band has always wanted to come to South Africa

2018-02-26 14:54
Brandon Boyd

Cape Town – American rock band Incubus are currently on a South African tour and played to a passionate crowd on Saturday in Pretoria at the Taal Monument. 

Next, they will play in Cape Town at the Green Point A Track - a new, central venue opposite the Cape Town Stadium. Fans will be treated to Southern Wild, BRYNN and Retro Dizzy who will open the show before Incubus hit the stage. The concert will take place on Wednesday, 28 February. 

Ahead of the show, Channel24 reached out to Brandon about coming to South Africa, what inspires him and so much more including what he always takes on tour. 


Brandon Boyd

Will this be your first time in South Africa? 

Yes, first time ever. 

When you formed Incubus in 1991 did you ever think you would still be together so many years later? What’s the key to staying relevant in the music industry over that long of a period? 

I had no idea our little band project would last a month let alone 27 years. And more importantly, still be filled with so much vitality and fun after all this time. I think that’s what has kept us engaged this long. We love it dearly and care about it like it’s our child. Another reason it has stayed interesting is that it’s deeply challenging. Right when you think you’re an expert at some part of the process it has a funny tendency to slip out from between your fingers like the proverbial soap bar in the shower. 

Brandon Boyd

Your music is a mix of a lot of genres from rock to hip-hop to electronic what inspires you to mix it up? Who are your biggest influences?

I suppose we have always been and continue to be influenced by anything and everything. No one in the band listens to exclusively one genre of music, we all are admirers of music as an art form and therefore have always allowed any and all styles to inform what we do. Most of the time unconsciously. 

What made you want to play in South Africa?

We like to go where we are wanted! (Laughs) But selfishly, everyone in the band has always wanted to come to South Africa and have been trying for many years to make it work. The logistics haven’t worked in our favour until this time. But we made it! 

What can fans expect from your live show?

They can expect rainbows to shoot out of their eyes, whipped cream to spontaneously erupt from their jeans, and white doves to flutter in slow motion in any direction they look while at the concert. Among other things...

What’s the one thing you always take on tour with you?

My camera and a small art kit. 

Is there one local act that you love? Or would to collaborate with? 

I’m hoping to see some local acts while we are here! 

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