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LISTEN: Yum Yuck's yummy new song

2015-11-18 11:23

Cape Town - After the extremely encouraging response of Yum Yuck's debut track Icicles, Pascal Righini - lead singer/guitar player of The Plastics - released the second song from his project Yum Yuck via Indie Shuffle on Tuesday.

Yum Yuck will be releasing it's first 5 track EP, Make Yourself at Home, in December.

Lioness addresses the concepts of infatuation. It's a one sided power struggle disguised as an ego battle of equals.

As with most songs the inspiration is part fact and part fantasy.

The sound of the song includes bendy picked guitars, walking bass and loose shuffle drums.

The song is laid back yet groovy. It's a strut, not a walk. Imagine a being with the body of a human and the head of a lion, strutting down the street made of newly wetted mud with a walkman on; now you are in the territory of the song Lioness.

Pascal describes the song as capturing half the sound of the Make Yourself at Home EP quite well - there is a mix of up-tempo and very spacious tracks, but the sound throughout is undeniably Yum Yuck.

Listen to the second track Lioness from Yum Yuck here: 

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