Mike Will Made it praises Beyoncé

2016-07-30 22:00

Los Angeles  - Mike Will Made It has praised Beyoncé for "empowering her people."

The producer worked on Formation with Beyoncé and he is impressed that she uses both the lyrics and video for the song to protest against racial discrimination.

He told Billboard: "She went out there and empowered her people. She's telling our people to be proud of our wide nostrils - something Michael Jackson was so ashamed of, he changed his face. She used Formation to make people feel confident. That's the best history to be a part of."

Mike also worked with Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz album and is extremely proud of the work they produced together.

He said: "All I hear is 'Yo, that s**t you're making ain't hip hop'. People told me that Miley's 23 wasn't hip-hop. Let me tell you, she went in and owned that track. She smoked more weed in one week than most rappers I know. That song was not some far-fetched thing she had to reach for. She was ill as hell. When people question me about whether something is hip hop, I ask them, 'Does it sound hard? Does it hit home? Is it raw and real?' If it is, I did my job. And you can call it whatever you want.

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