'My true calling was to improvise with my violin'

2016-03-30 07:00

Cape Town – Hezron Chetty is a Cape Town based artist who has travelled the world pursuing his dream: to perfect his own unique style of playing the violin, by combining an eccentric mix of genres.
He recently released his debut album, The Fallacy of Composition, which was written in 2014 shortly after getting a loop station as a gift. He was inspired by the freedom of the machine and the ability of creating his own musical arrangements with it.

We recently got to ask Hezron some questions about his music, the new album and his future plans.

Check it out here:

Channel24: Where did music start for you? Was there a defining moment when you realised that this is what you want to do?
Hezron Chetty: My musical influence started in my home from a young age, having jam sessions with my family and friends since I can remember. I always loved how it brings people together, creates a relaxed mood and helps people connect. I was good at playing the violin and got a lot of support from my family. When I decided to study music they were delighted. It was always going to be music for me, there was never any other choice. After I studied music, I travelled to Europe and found that my true calling was to improvise with my violin. When it clicked in my head that I could enhance any song from any genre with improvisation, it was a done deal. I knew I was destined to do great things with this instrument.

C24: Do you do music full time? If not, what is your day job?
HC: Music is my full time job. It is my day job and night job!  

C24: Do you have any professional training? Where did you learn to play different styles?
HC: I studied the Classical method of playing the violin from the age of 8, and then went to university to study Jazz violin . I dropped out in my final year because I felt very restricted, and left for Europe where I began my travels as a musician. This `school` taught me Rock, Hip -Hop, Punk, Folk, Gypsy and many more styles.

C24: Who or what inspires your music?
HC: The people in my life inspire me, the true music lover inspires me... but the beautiful sound that I get out of the violin when I play what I feel inspires me the most!

C24: What would you say makes you different from other violin players?
HC: My technique for one is very different. I listen to many violinists out there and I do not know a single one that sounds like me. My approach to playing is bold and my sound is raw. Purists might think that my sound is too harsh; but if I had to listen to what others think of me, I would not be where I am today.

C24: Describe your album sound in one sentence.
HC: A phenomenal mix of versatility with a fresh, edgy tone.

C24:  What would you like people to do while listening to your album?
HC: Just listen.

C24: What is the one thing no one knows about you?
HC: When I was 16 I worked at Checkers packing bags at the till.

C24:  If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
HC: Jimmy Paige from Led Zepplin, his tone is just so classy and dark. I base a lot of my playing style on him and I believe that he is one of the greatest instrumentalists in the world.

C24:  What are your future plans?
HC: I release my next single and music video for a song called See Journey in the next few months so people should look out for that! My company Mad Violinist Productions is hosting an event at Bassline in Johannesburg on 16 April - it is going to be a night of Progressive music, showcasing what interesting music there is in the SA music scene; the acts are BCUC and Follow Me Follow You and myself with my band. I am regularly performing around SA and we have a European Tour on the cards. People can follow me on www.hezronchetty.com, www.facebook.com/hezronviolin or www.twitter.com/hezronc.

C24: Where can people see you perform next?
HC: 2nd April - Blah Blah Bar Cape Town and 16th April - Bassline Johannesburg.

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