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PHFAT teams up with Ganja Beatz on love song 'My Lady'

2019-07-26 10:37

Cape Town - PHFAT has teamed up with production trio Ganja Beatz for his latest single My Lady.

The musos have created a love song that bridges the gaps between indie, pop and rap music. Although his last release Dark Dance was a visit to his harder, darker side, PHFAT is showing his softer side on this sweet new song. 

PHFAT said about the song in a statement to the press: "I think this was all in about late 2016. I was feeling a bit jaded with love at the time, and I wanted to put myself back in that un-damaged but ultimately naïve headspace."

He added: "There is something fascinating about the mindless ideation that comes with a first love, it preempts a loss of innocence that comes with realising that everyone is complex, and that no one is perfect. It was also just a chance to realise that growth and damage quite often aren't that different from each other."

The lyric video was animated by Luke Veysie and Christo Potgieter. 


The song was written and recorded intermittently from late 2016 until early 2019. Sessions were split between the two artists studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

The pair were introduced to each other by their mutual friend Thulani Dandala. The gist of the track was done in Johannesburg at Ganja Beatz' home studio in a hugely informal session.

The release preempts PHFAT's upcoming EP sex | love | heartbreak which is releasing on 16 August.

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