PICS: Christina Grimmie's brother gives emotional speech at vigil in her hometown

2016-06-14 09:34

Evesham Township - The New Jersey hometown of a singer gunned down after a Florida concert held a candlelight vigil in her honour.

Evesham Township held a vigil on Monday night to honour 22-year-old Christina Grimmie. She was killed on Friday night as she signed autographs after a show in Orlando.

Christina’s brother, who was with Christina when she got shot, addressed the crowd at the vigil. 

"She loved this town. She loved this state. She loved singing. She loved the Lord and she loved me. She was my baby sister,” Marcus told the crowd.

He also addressed the Orlando shooting, saying: "About four miles away from where we were staying, there was a huge tragedy to Orlando, to the U.S. to the LGBT community and to the whole world,” he said. “I mean, 50 people dead, who knows who is injured. And I come home to this… I have no words. All of those people that died and are suffering. My heart goes out."

Grimmie was a YouTube star widely known from her appearances on NBC's The Voice two years ago.

She lived in Evesham, a small community about 20 miles from Philadelphia, before moving to Los Angeles in 2012.

A motive for the shooting hasn't been determined.

Authorities say she apparently had no personal connection to the man who shot her. The gunman fatally shot himself after being tackled by her brother.

See pics from the vigil here: 

(Photos: AP)

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