Sneak peek: Albert Frost and Loki Rothman’s guitar bromance

2016-05-17 13:31

Cape Town – There really is nothing like a good local collaboration. Think Valiant Swart and Ollie Viljoen, Karen Zoid and Francois van Coke. But there’s just something special about two guitar maestro’s coming together that hits that sweet spot.

Known for his blues guitar playing, former Blues Broers member Albert Frost and Loki Rothman, guitarist for Jack Parow and solo artist, are teaming up for what promises to be one amazing collaboration.

In a studio somewhere in Durbanville, we had the opportunity to get s sneak peek of the show and ask Albert and Loki all about it.

This is what Albert and Loki revealed to us:

On how they met:

Loki: I have obviously been watching Albert play since way back when; I think the first time we met was at that festival in Tulbagh, I think I opened for the Blues Broers. 

Albert: I actually think it was a bit before that, you played with Jack Parow at some function for Sony...

Loki: O ja ja ja, with Arno Carstens.

Albert: I saw him play and I was like, ‘Holy shit! Check this ouk!’ It’s like an entire band on acoustic guitar, it is mind blowing!

Loki: That was about 5 years ago, or probably I would say 4. 

On what they thought when they first saw each other play:

Albert: Mother fuck! Like this guy can play acoustic guitar, like, ek moet my sokkies optrek (I need to pull up my socks)! That was the first thought that went through my brain.

Loki: I think the first time I saw Albert play was at Raka, I think you did a set with Gerald Clark. It was like a total heavy blues show. It was an amazing show! I obviously didn’t think back then that I would be contacting Albert for a show, because my stuff was all up in the air. I didn’t even know who I was back then to be honest. I was like 19 years old! I didn’t even know what type of music I wanted to play, well I still don’t know I suppose! 

On when this collaboration actually came together:

Albert: Loki phoned me about 6 months ago.

Loki: Last year, ja end of last year about. I can’t really remember what happened or what made me phone you, I think I was kind of like, ‘Rent money!’ Hahahaha! It was like shit, what’s happening in May? May looks very empty...

Albert: I mean that is perfect, that is how Isurvived throughout the years, is collaborations, so it was like the perfect timing.

On how they chose the songs:

Albert: It’s a mixture. Because the show is called The Acoustic Guitar, we decided on material that will showcase all aspects of the guitar, of the acoustic guitar. I mean we try and keep it mostly originals, and then a couple of classics we’re bringing in, like, I don’t know if you saw the video of us doing Romance/Asturias? 

Loki: It’s a classical song, and it’s not even a hard song to play...I saw people commenting on the video saying, ‘I used to play this starting out with guitar’, it’s that go to song.

Albert: So ja, we’re doing that! And then we’re doing like a lot of that chicken picking, like some blue grass sort of stuff. Like fast country blues.

Loki: And some gypsy jazz.

Albert: Yeah some gypsy jazz vibes. And from my side there’s a blues thing, but I’m also playing a few songs from the new album, which is less bluesy, but it’s very guitar orientated, which is what I like. 

On how long they’ve been rehearsing:

Albert: 23 years now for me... hahaha! This is the third time we’re getting together. 

Loki: We’ll probably do another couple of rehearsals. It’s more work on our own, and then we come together and play the set. And then we go back, tighten it up, come together again.

On the future:

Albert: Ja, if all goes well we wanna take it up north.

Loki: Maybe if all goes well, I mean we haven’t even talked about it yet, but maybe we will do like a little  album together for the show.

Albert: This is like literally the beginning.

Loki: We have no idea where this is going to go!

Albert: Ja fok,  ons wil net kitaar jol actually. (we just want to play guitar)

So get ready for some warm winter nights as Albert Frost and Loki Rothman joins forces for a brand new collaboration called The Acoustic Guitar.

@frostalbert and @lokirothman making some magic during rehearsals for their acoustic show.

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Catch them at the following venues:

Wednesday, 18th May
Line-up: Loki Rothman & Albert Frost
Venue: Die Boer
Address: Chenoweth Street 6, Durbanville, Cape Town
Time: 18h00
Tickets: R140
Booking Contact: or 021 979-1911
Thursday, 19th May
Line-up: Loki Rothman & Albert Frost
Venue: Die Boer
Address: Chenoweth Street 6, Durbanville, Cape Town
Time: 18h00
Tickets: R140
Booking Contact: or 021 979-1911
Wednesday, 25th May
Line-up: Loki Rothman & Albert Frost
Venue: Cafe Roux
Address: Noordhoek Farm Village, 270 Chapman's Peak Drive, Cape Town
Time: 18h30
Tickets: R120
Booking Contact: 021 789 2538
Thursday, 26th May
Line-up: Loki Rothman & Albert Frost
Venue: Aces 'n Spades
Address: 62 Hout Street, Cape Town
Time: 21h00
Booking Contact:
For more information like Loki's Facebook page here and Albert Frost's Facebook page here.

(Photos: Jean-Marie Korff, Channel24)

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