Spotify will make a playlist for your pet, and we tested it with our imaginary iguana Gary

2020-01-16 10:35
Gary the Iguana and Prince Charles

Cape Town – One of the best things about music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify is how they use algorithms and your listening history/taste to create playlists for any mood you might have.

From partying to wanting to discover new artists.

Now, Spotify has taken things to the next level and created a playlist for your pet's personality. Spotify for Pets algorithmically generates a playlist based on the kind of animal you have, as well as their attitude.

How does that work? Well, we came up with an imaginary iguana named Gary to test it out.

Step 1 – Pick your animal

Right now, you can choose from a list including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and iguanas (who knows if there will be more options in the future).

Step 2 – Is your companion energetic or relaxed?

Using a slider, you can then indicate how energetic or relaxed your pet is. Just for reference, Gary is the perfect blend of both.

Step 3 – Are they shy or friendly?

Then, using the slider, you tell the streaming service whether your friend is more outgoing or introverted. Gary is a slightly shy soul.

Step 4 – Are they apathetic or curious?

Using the sliders, we decided Gary is a curious little iguana. His parent is a journalist, after all.


You can make your own playlist here.

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