The Voice's Christina Grimmie revealed ambitious plans in last-ever interview

2016-06-12 17:00

Los Angeles - Christina Grimmie spoke enthusiastically about her future career plans in her last-ever interview before she was shot dead on Friday.

The 22-year-old singer - who is, perhaps, best-known for appearing on the US version of The Voice - was killed by an unnamed gunman following a concert in Orlando.

But in the days before her tragic killing, which has led to a police investigation, Christina discussed her plans to release a full-length album and launch another tour in the coming months.

Asked what she had on the horizon, Christina told PopCrush: "So much awesome new music, I have so much stuff coming up!"

The singer explained that she had plans to write more material before embarking on a music tour.

She said: "I'm going to be writing for the next couple of months. I do want to go on another tour, maybe by the end of this year - if I do get an album out this year.

"If I don't get an album out this year, crossing my fingers I hope I will, then I would just love to tour that album."

In the same interview, Christina spoke candidly about her mother's ongoing battle against cancer.

She shared: "All my fans know about my mom, she has been dealing with cancer for a long time and things have just been going not so great lately, so there was that.

"There were a lot of other personal issues I was dealing with, friends, boys, whatever so I just wanted to get it all out on one record in four songs."


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