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Tour Diary: SA band lets us in on their first few days at the Fringe Festival in Scotland

2016-08-18 22:00

Cape Town - South African husband and wife duo, the Bottomless Coffee Band, is currently in Scotland where they will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time.

Lourens and Esté Rabé, who released their debut album in November 2014, have already played shows in Amsterdam and London as part of their European tour before heading to Scotland.

They give us their first impressions of the festival below:

On the train from London people were sitting in the passageways and on the floor because it is "festival in Edinburgh". There was a buzz in the discussions and a sense of familiarity between all the passengers. One can almost touch the nostalgia of 1947 when this festival started as a mere tool to lift the spirits after World War 2. Today it is the largest arts festival in the world still hosted in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland!

Upon arrival our minds were blown - the sheer size and scale of this festival is breath-taking - there is literally art everywhere and in all forms. From street buskers (managed and organised by a Street Events Team) to magicians and comedians - you name it - it's here! Artists from different countries united in art.

They also didn't lie by saying that the programme is as thick as a telephone book. Flyers are shoved your way by actors in costume, promoting their shows that are about to start in a venue close by. It's just out of this world!

We started our run at the Edinburgh Fringe on a high - performing live on BBC Radio 2 on the Janice Forsyth show. This was followed by our first ever street performance on the Royal Mile on one of the Virgin Money Stages. We had 30 minutes to set-up, present a teaser of our show and strike.

It is overwhelming to know that in the midst of all this artistic madness, there are management teams behind everything, making sure that even the smallest details are presented tastefully and well organised. We are so impressed! 

One thing is for sure - it's massive!!!

There is magic in the air - we have a feeling that the next 10 days will be life changing...

See some more Instagram pics here:

Yesterday marked the beginning of an incredible journey. It started with an early rise for an interview on BBC2 (Janice Forsyth Show). We rented a taxi with all our gear and arrived to an amazing set-up and wonderful tech team who made this first Fringe Festival performance a very pleasant experience. The day was ended off on the @virginmoney promotional stage - our first experience of a street performance. It was definitely different than usual, but an amazing marketing tool which is so integrally part of this beautiful festival. To stretch ones boundaries is to grow and that is what we are here for! We would also like to thank the wonderful people of @thecaffeinedrip who bought into selling our CD's and putting up our posters in their café. @reddogmusic - you saved our show - now we have our own mic and guitar stands for our @edfringe street performances! Here's to music, the way it brings people together and the pleasure of sharing it! #edfringe #edfringe2016 #defythenorm

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