WATCH: Bottomless Coffee Band drops brand new music video

2017-12-12 15:54

Cape Town – Bottomless Coffee Band released a music video for a song from their new album on Tuesday.

The song is titled Broken System and is from their album ANTHELIA, which is set to be released in February 2018. 

Since releasing their first album in 2014, Lourens and Esté Rabé have toured extensively throughout South Africa, Namibia, Europe and the UK, cultivating inspiration for their latest release ANTHELIA.

On the new album and release the band says the following:

"To decide what song to release first from a brand new album is probably one of the hardest decisions for any musician. The songs become like your children - every one has its own personality and needs to be treated in its own special way. Every song shows a little bit of who you are and some surprise you and have a greater effect on you than the other way around; just like offspring. 

"However, as a first taste for the new album, Broken System kept jumping up in conversation between us. There are many reasons for choosing a ‘first-release’ song, but the main reason for us was because it really reflects what we've been through as the human race on this planet. During the writing and recording of this album, we were once again reminded of people's stories, heartache, success-despite-circumstances and fighting spirit to survive and move forward no matter what you've been through.

"Every single human being walking this planet, were influenced by their upbringing and circumstances. Many of these circumstances were shaped by systems; systems that might have been created with good intentions, but systems that in so many cases, were broken. These broken systems have chipped off a piece of all of our hearts, but the one thing that unifies us all, is that we are survivors of these broken systems. We still have the gift of life, to walk this planet, and to make a difference where we are planted…

"If you are a survivor, you were granted a second chance at life!  And if there is life, there is hope!

"A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all the ‘actors’ on the video; you gave your time, love and support unconditionally to help us bring to life what we had in our heads."

Watch the video here: 

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