WATCH: Francois van Coke’s new music video is a touching tribute to Fokofpolisiekar

2016-11-29 09:39

Cape Town – Francois van Coke released a brand new music video and track on Tuesday.

The track, titled Klein Prys, is a touching tribute to Fokofpolisiekar, or Die Bende (The Gang) as they are also affectionately known.  

Klein Prys is about the legacy the band shares and the tough times that brought them to where they are today.  

Francois reminisces about the old days when Fokofpolisiekar started out, the chances they took, the sacrifices they made, and the adventures they shared. After all these years and after everything they have been through, they remain family and still thrive as a band. "It’s been a privilege to walk this road with the Fokof guys and to still regularly play shows with them," says Francois.

Francois had a very special music video made for Klein Prys. The video contains priceless footage of Fokofpolisiekar in their early years and present days. This footage has never been released and gives the viewer an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the band.

Watch the video here:


Francois’ highly anticipated sophomore album, Hierdie is die Lewe (This is the Life), will be released on 2 February 2017. The album can already be pre-ordered from iTunes or Google Play. The first music video from the album, Mensdom was released on 10 November 2016.

Permanent Record also released a 7” vinyl featuring Mensdom and B-side track Klein Prys.

Mensdom tour dates:

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