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WATCH: Introducing Lost & Found and their hot new single!

2016-01-12 14:07

Cape Town - There’s a new band in town and they’re about to rock your world with their first single, Lost and Found.

Backing vocalist, keyboardist and bassist for The Parlotones, Glen Hodgson, and exceptional drummer Jason Oosthuizen (Black Cat Bones & ex Van Coke Kartel) have teamed up to form new alternative country music project, Lost & Found.

And the dynamic duo has just released the first single off their new album for free!

This catchy tune brims with sounds of new beginnings and will have new fans singing along for days on end.

Watch the video for their new single Lost and Found here:

Click here to download Lost and Found for free!

We caught up with Glen and Jason to chat about their new adventure, new music and the guest artists on each track.

Lost & Found was formed based on self-discovery and coming up for air from the demons of life. How has the therapeutic element of writing and performing changed for you now compared to your approach in the past?

Glen: Well for me the process of recording the first Lost&Found EP was very therapeutic. I finally addressed and released all the pent up emotion I had, firstly by simply making the decision to actually take those songs off the shelf and do something with them, to actually stepping into studio to record them, and finally to take them to the stage and perform them. Now, to put it simply, it's really just exciting! I've found I've become a better songwriter and my voice has improved over the last year and a bit since I started this thing. I am a lot more confident on stage. Playing solo though, I found I was in a bit of a rut, and Jason stepping in has being a much needed boost for this project. It went from something I felt was coming to an end, to complete chaos!
What are you looking forward to most when releasing your first single off the album and the album itself?

Glen: I like how this has gone from being a 'singer/songwriter' project to what it is now. I'm looking forward to taking what we've done in studio and presenting it to the public and seeing their reaction. It's as exciting as it is terrifying.

Jason: For me the single release always gives me butterflies in my stomach. I feel like I just want to get it out, and it’s the same with the album. I just want people to hear it. The awesome thing is that it also means taking it out on the road and myself and Glen love being on the road so this should be a fun album launch tour.

What inspired your new single, Lost and Found?

Glen: It's a song about a certain period of my life where I found myself in a very bad, self-destructive place, and meeting someone along the way who helped me through that time.

Jason: It is a track that really means a lot to Glen and we both decided it would make a great single and a bonus that it's the title track of the album.
Have there been any challenges with working with a different guest artist on each track?

Glen: Not at all, it's actually been such an amazing experience. Working with producers Dane Taylor and Fred den Hartog has been such a great experience, and the guest artists have been very easy and fun to work with. Nothing's ever planned, they just arrive without even hearing the song and they, without fail, leave us with something awesome. It's cool that each song has its own little stamp of uniqueness about it.

 Jason: Not at all. We are so lucky to be working with Dane Taylor who I have known since I was 5 years old and Fred Den Hartog who is just a talented all rounded music guru. All our guest artist have all come to the party and been so awesome. Huge thanks to them.

Confirmed so far:
Jedd Kossew (Van Coke Kartel & Francois van Coke), Theo Crous and Chris van der Walt (The Black Cat Bones), Lee Lips from Hog Hoggidy Hog will be coming in, as well as Johnny De Ridder (Fokofpolisiekar).
What is the best part about being in a band?

Glen: For me, it's all the best part - just being in a band. You're in this position where you create music, and tour it around the world, playing your songs for a living. I've seen so many places, and met so many amazing people. It is everything I always dreamed of as a kid.

Jason: Well what more could anyone ask for? You write music that means a hell of a lot to you and every single person that sings those songs back to you at a show makes you feel really fulfilled. But in the bigger picture your art can mean a different thing to every fan and it touches them in their own personal way. Besides that I think life on the road, fans you meet, places you see around the world and so forth is just the dream job and I’m super happy every day that I get to do what I love.

Lost & Found’s ‘long description’ on Facebook reads: “Sad songs. For now”. What other kinds of songs can we look forward to in the future?

Glen: (laughs) well the sad songs are still there, but the mood of the music has definitely become a lot more upbeat and positive. Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll write a happy song.

Jason: I think when Glen started the EP he was in a dark spot which ended up in him producing sad kind of songs but as we speak now we have two ballads on the album and the rest is as pumping as can be. So get ready to dance in your car from the second you put the disk in...

Lost&Found are set to launch their tour at the end of February. Click here for more info.

(Photos: Gillian Coetzee)

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