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WATCH: Peach van Pletzen, Schalk Bezuidenhout and Frank Opperman star in this hilarious new video

2018-06-19 10:00
Van Pletzen, Frank Opperman

Johannesburg – VAN PLETZEN have a new music video and it’s a short film starring Frank Opperman. 

The song is called Zaberfluten and the video is the band’s fifth from their album, Kak Lekker Vibe, which was released earlier this year.

In the short film VAN PLETZEN and Schalk Bezuidenhout are at a fish braai, but it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

Keep watching to see Frank Opperman make an appearance in his most intimidating role to date.

Peach van Pletzen got the idea for Zaberfluten from a dream. “I woke up and realised how important it is that people must see this film, but first we must make it! So, I phoned PJ Kotze from Bonanza Films who also made Eiland Styl and Goud and he was super keen!”


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