We chat to Lifehouse bassist Bryce Soderberg ahead of the band's first tour to SA

2017-12-22 07:03

Cape Town – Los Angeles-based rockers Lifehouse are heading to South Africa next year for the very first time.

Touring with fellow US band Collective Soul, the two bands will be taking to the stage in Cape Town and Johannesburg in February 2018.

Ahead of their visit to our shores we had a chat with bassist Bryce Soderberg about the tour, new music and what SA fans can expect.

Check it out below:

Will this be your first time coming to SA?

Yeah, it’s going to be our first time coming, we’re going to be playing with Collective Soul, and we’ve never been. We have a lot of friends who’ve come from South Africa, and who’ve said it’s a wonderful country to play for. So we’re really excited to come down for our first time.

Will you guys have some time to do some sightseeing or is it going to be a very quick trip?

It is gonna be brief, but I think we’ll have a day or two here and there to kind of check out the sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town. I know some of the guys wanted to see some of the wildlife there, so we’ll try and take what we can get in the time we have allotted. 

The connection with Collective Soul, are you guys very good friends, how did it come about that you guys are touring with them?

We know them quite well, we’ve done a few shows with them over the years. I think the genres of our music compliment each other well and I think it was a promoter or a booking agent who teamed us up. It will be good to see those guys again and make some music and put on a great show. 

Your song, Hanging By A Moment, I don’t think there isn't a single person out there who doesn’t know that song - do you still play that song at every gig and do you ever get tired of it?

Yeah, we do try and perform that song at every show, even our hardcore fans that come out, they wanna hear it too. We don’t get tired of playing it actually, a lot of people ask us that question, but that song gets the reaction from our crowd you know, people are very excited to hear it and we feed off that energy from our audiences. So we’re more than happy to play that song every night when we’re performing.

Your latest record came out in 2015, are you guys working on any new music?

Yeah, our last record came out in 2015, we just released a greatest hits compilation that came out this year. And currently we have been writing slowly, so there will be some music in the future we just don’t know when, so we’re gonna keep creating. 

What’s the one thing you never tour without?

The proper toiletries for sure, our comfy clothes of choice, when you’re flying you always wanna have comfortable clothes like pajama bottoms to wear or whatever. You wanna make sure that all your instruments are in order you know, it’s important to have the right gear, hahaha!

Has anything ever gone very wrong on stage?

Yeah, funny enough, you’re the first person to ask this question since it happened. The Greek Theatre is a bucket list show in Los Angeles in front of our home crowd on the last tour which was sold out. And uhm, in one song, the same song, called Nerve Damage, Jason came over to me and I did this move where we collided and the microphone got knocked into his tooth and chipped his tooth. Hahahaha, so that went wrong! And then my strap broke and my bass flew into my face in the same song, so there’s video of me bleeding all over the place. It’s part of rock n roll, and I feel bad for Jason but I think he’s forgiven me. 

If you could have written any song in the world which one would it be?

Well, it would probably be Bittersweet Symphony, it’s one of my favourite songs of all time, and I think The Rolling Stones got credit for that song, even though it was The Verve who kind of put that song together. But Bittersweet Symphony is one of my favourites. 

Do you guys have any rituals before you go on stage?

Uhm, we just kind of huddle up and tell each other to have a great time and stay focused and warm up our hands and our voices and then we’re ready to go. 

What can SA fans expect from the show when you come next year?

We’ve been around for 17 years and we have 7 albums, 8 including the greatest hits, and we take a lot of pride in our live shows. It’s all organic, no click, no tracks, and it’s a high energy set with kind of a compilation of songs that we know our fans want to hear, and yeah, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Tour Information:

2 February 2018
Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg
Ticket Price:  R460 – R910

Cape Town 
4  February 2018
Grand Arena, GrandWest Cape Town 
Ticket Price:  R460 – R910

Tickets available from www.bigconcerts.co.za. 

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