We chat to Medicine Boy about their debut album

2016-08-30 20:00

Cape Town – Cape Town duo Medicine Boy recently released their debut album, Kinda Like Electricity.

The duo, consisting of Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo, produced the album themselves, working closely with Dave Langemann who both recorded and mixed the album. Most of the album was tracked at Dave’s home studio in December 2015 and February 2016, with the live drums and some extras done at Digital Forest Studio.

We chat to them about the new album:

You’ve just released your debut album, Kinda Like Electricity, what has been the response so far?

It’s been great. People seem to be 'getting' the record. We’ve had some nice reviews & more importantly we’ve had people tell us personally, or via message, that they connected with the album..

What was the biggest challenge of making the album?

Self-doubt, I guess. It’s a very schizophrenic process – one moment you think "Yeah, this is alright actually" and the next you want to quit making music altogether. 

What inspired the album and what did you write about?

All we knew is that we wanted to make an honest album. We both had some stuff inside of us that needed to come out. It’s a personal record that we feel is quite human in its subject matter. 

Can you describe the album sound in one sentence?

Dream Noise.

Where does the album title come from?

We’ve been asked this quite a bit and it’s actually quite tricky to answer. I think Lucy put it pretty well here…

"There is something about the invisibility, necessity and unpredictability of electricity that runs through it all - the creative and destructive force of it and the inability to capture or control it. It’s a feeling. You don’t know what it is. And you can’t explain it. And so you make music."

Who are your biggest influences?

We’ve never set out to sound like anyone but I’d say Nick Cave, Spiritualized, BRMC, John Lee Hooker, Joni Mitchell, The Stones, The Velvet Underground & The Jesus and Mary Chain have all had a big influence on us.

Where can people see you perform next?

2 Sept – The Alma Café, CPT
3 Sept – The House of Machines, CPT

What’s next for you guys?

We’re touring Europe and the UK in September/ October.

For more info on the band and their shows like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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