We chat to Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic about their new album

2016-09-30 22:00

Cape Town - Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic made many new fans in South Africa after their performances at Oppikoppi and in Cape Town in 2015. 

Their new album GLA (Red Bull Records) was released on 9 September and has been receiving excellent reviews. 

We got to chat to bassist Ross McNae about their new album.

Check it out here:

GLA is your fourth studio album. What makes this album different from you previous albums?

We made this in a much more modern and dynamic way. Sam and myself wrote the record between both of our flats and used much more technology than we ever have before. We'd been a band who all got in the same room and jammed out ideas together, but this time round we were making a full demo separately and letting each other hear a finished song. It meant we were making decisions that wouldn't normally be made because we don't play the drums, the guitar or vice versa, so things sounded fresher.

Why did you choose the name GLA?

It's the airport code for Glasgow where we are all from and still live. It was the gateway to all the amazing experiences we’re having, and then it delivered us home to the people we love. It just made sense.

Describe the album sound in one sentence.

Dirty rock.

If you were forced to listen to one song from your album on repeat for a day, which one would it be?

Missing Link. My wife has been listening to it a lot so I think I have learned to endure it already.

What do you like most about the recording process of an album?

I liked that the rules had been changed and we could be free to make sounds on whatever instrument took our fancy and not be precious about whose role was what within the band.

How long did you guys work on GLA and how long did you take to record it? Are you happy with the end result?

It took us a lot less time than any record we'd made. We recorded it in six weeks and it was written in a very relaxed way over the few months before.

Can you share a crazy tour story with us? Please? (We know what happens on tour usually stays on tour… but…)

Sorry, you know the rules!

What was the highlight of your visit to South Africa in 2015 and are you planning on returning anytime soon?

The shows were incredible and so were all the people we met, but I think it would have to be the safari we went on. We saw things we'd only ever seen on the TV.

What does the rest of the year look like for you guys? What are your plans?

We are touring Europe for the rest of the year so we're just rehearsing for that now. It's going to be good to get back to South Africa next year, and also places like Australia and the USA.

What’s the one thing no one knows about the band?

Sam and my first band, which was the predecessor to Twin Atlantic ,was called The Baracuda Newsletter. We did no gigs, had no songs, and we never actually rehearsed.

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