We chat to the local muso who’s dropping an exciting new album this year!

2017-09-18 12:26

We’ve belted out his hits when they played on our favourite local radio station and jammed to his catchy music when it boomed over the speakers in the club.

Now Jimmy Nevis is back, and his third studio album, entitled Quarter Life Crisis, drops in November this year. 

“The album explores me being 25. I explore all the decisions that come with being 25. You know, those questions of, ‘Should I get married? My friends are getting married.’

“But then reminding myself that I’m a career person,” the Cape Town-born singer says.

Jimmy also revealed an exciting upcoming project, something he’s never done before.

The Elephant Shoe hit-maker is hosting a concert, 2524 – or Twenty-Five-to-Life – for one night only in November this year, which he says will be a full-on production.

We chatted to Jimmy about his upcoming album – which features a few big names in the South African music industry – the new era he’s embarking on and why he often wears shades inside a building!

1.       What can we expect from your new music?

“The new music is quite up-tempo. There’s definitely a Jimmy Nevis signature on it, but there’s also a lot of new sounds and almost a nostalgic sound to some of it.

I think when I was creating the beats I really wanted to recreate that feeling of being in the club. Where the beat drops and it just transcends you.

Some of the music is a lot more RnB driven. RnB/ Pop, I’d say, would be the genre.

I’m quite excited for people to hear that side of me!”

2.       How would you say you’ve grown from your first album until now?

“Opening up has been something that’s difficult for me. On the first album I felt like I nailed it, but then realised I didn’t. So when the second album came around, I opened up a bit more. But now with my third album, it’s like 10 million times more!

“I also feel like this one is more about identity. Constantly redefining and discovering yourself. It’s about reflecting and moving deeper within yourself and then sharing that with the world.”

3.       As a songwriter, what inspires you?

“That’s an interesting one, because I have always written music strategically.

“I’d sit down and say, ‘Cool, I am going to write this song, let me brainstorm, get creative and feel stuff.’

“Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes days. But with this album I freestyled. A lot of in-the-moment feels. There was no perfect structure.”


4.       There was mention of special guest performances on the album. Who are they?

“I don’t want to reveal too much because there are others still in the works, but Sketchy Bongo features again and there’s Yungsta CPT.”

5.       Your website is under construction and says ‘A new era is on the way’. What’s this era?

“For me, it’s an unapologetically secure era. I’ve found new respect for myself and peace in my identity and what I stand for. It’s something I cannot wait to share with my fans!”

6.       The entertainment industry can be cut-throat. What’s the one thing that keeps you going?

“I think for me, my vision is so tight that whenever I feel like I’m falling, the vision is a constant reminder of what I’ve done and where I plan to go.

“It’s the one thing that keeps me going when things get tough.”

7.       Is your music ever inspired by your fashion and vice versa?

“Absolutely! What I wear reflects what I’m feeling and music is all about feeling.

“Like, when I wear sunglasses in a building, a part of me hates it but another part of me feels super cool. And that’s what music and fashion has in common – it evokes feeling.”


8.       Do you ever feel pressured by your success?

“Yes! It’s partly why I wanted to quit music at the beginning of this year.

“Our dreams can be intimidating. You ask yourself, ‘Am I even ready to achieve this? Can I top what I’ve already achieved?’

“I kept questioning whether I could redo 2014.  But I’ve realised that it’s easy to let your fear dictate you. I thank God for insight and wisdom and strength during those low moments.”

9.       Any upcoming projects fans can look forward to?

“Well, I’ve got the album coming out, there’s a 2524 tour happening later this year and there’s more music next year.”

*2524 (Twenty-Five-to-Life) is live at the Grand Arena, Grand West, in Cape Town, on 25 November. Tickets are available at Computicket.

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