We get the inside scoop on the live show every kid will love this school holiday!

2018-06-26 09:19
Cartoon Network Live! director and choreographer,

Cape Town – For the first time in South Africa, fans of all ages will get to watch their favourite Cartoon Network characters come to life.

Cartoon Network Live! is here and will feature the animation channel’s most popular heroes from shows including Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls.

In a telephone interview creative director and choreographer of the show, Bart Doerfler tells Channel24 what makes Cartoon Network Live! appealing to kids and adults alike, what he looks forward to during his first trip to SA and why the Powerpuff Girls are the best!


This is the very first time Cartoon Network Live! is touring South Africa to dazzle fans of all ages. And that, says Bart, is the very reason the show is making its way to Mzansi.

“We wanted to bring it to your shores because there are so many fans of Cartoon Network in South Africa. The support we get from the South African community is just so eye-opening in so many ways and it’s just, we feel the love and that’s what the whole show is about – we just want you to feel the love.”

And while the award-winning director, and everyone else involved, will be hard at work making sure viewers watch a good show, Bart is looking forward to doing some sightseeing while he’s here.

“This is my first visit to South Africa and I’ve been bingeing on South African websites, checking out all the things I want to fit in, hopefully, while there for the show.

“I don’t mean to sound as usual as so many people but of course, I would love to go on a safari and see your incredible landscape and the animals – what a beautiful country to live in, I just can’t imagine.”

Our amazing first cast for the Cartoon Network live world tour opening soon!

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While the majority of Cartoon Network’s audience vary between ages no older than 15 years old, Bart emphasises the importance of making everyone feel included, even the parents.

“The reason I do that [make the show inclusive] is because we know who’s buying the tickets – the parents are buying the tickets.”

Bart adds that by making the show appealing to the parents also helps with spreading positive reviews. “It’s a great conversation starter when picking the kids up after school like, ‘Oh you went to Cartoon Network Live!, how was it? It was great!’”

And to make a show that may seem childish at first glance appealing to it’s older audience, Bart uses wit and talent.

“The way I wanted to make the show inclusive, which I do for all my shows, is with the use of, I want to say jokes and stuff that aren’t necessarily inappropriate but that kids won’t understand, and adults will.

“We also have such incredible talent and so, you get to see singers and dancers that aren’t necessarily characters from the shows but who are still incredible and entertaining.”


One thing that inspires Bart to bring fan favourite animations to life is the pure joy it brings people.

“You know what inspires me, is the absolute joy and love. When we come together on a project to create something that’s for these audiences, you know, especially in this day and age it’s a very tough time, the absolute honour it is for me to know that when people are coming to see my work that it’s going to let them escape for two hours, let them get away.”

And which cartoon character does he feel most inspired by? Well, the Powerpuff Girls of course.

Speaking about memories with his own daughter and watching the show with her, Bart shares that while they are mere fictional characters, what they stand for and represent is amazing.

“I have a love for the Powerpuff Girls. I think it’s because I’ve enjoyed watching them for years with my daughter and I love what they stand for, they stand for girl power and I am a firm believer in girl power!

“In this world, I feel that women have so much more power than we even realise and so whenever we can delve into that, I think it’s great.”


Without giving too much away, Bart says “viewers can expect a fast-moving, fun show.”

“The show is very interactive, like at one point you’ll be sitting and then the next thing there is a character getting you up to dance with them and taking you up on stage and then we’re moving to another world, so everything is very interactive.”

He adds: “Don’t come and plan on sitting down, it’s going to be one fun dance party.”

Cartoon Network Live! kicks off at the Grand Arena, GrandWest in Cape Town on 26 June to 1 July. From there the interactive and spectacular stage production will move to Montecasino, Johannesburg from 3 to 15 July.

Tickets are on sale now through Big Concerts and Computicket

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