We had a quickie with ALT EGO about their new album and sound

2017-07-03 12:05

Cape Town – You might know them as Acoustic Element, but cousins Callen Petersen and Jody Abel now call themselves ALT EGO.

Wanting to explore a different side to Acoustic Element, they stayed true to the acoustic feel of their instruments whilst exploring the alter ego of their own brand. The result: ALT EGO - a brand new, electrifying dance act, where violin and guitar fuses with electric synths and house beats.

Having dropped their self-titled debut album in June, we chat to the duo about their name change and their new sound.

Check it out here:

You guys were Acoustic Element and now you have released a new album under the name ALT EGO - tell us about the change in name and how the new sound differs from the old sound?

Well, Acoustic Element was very much focused on instrumental covers of popular and trending songs. Our ALT EGO sound incorporates concepts from classical songs of old, fuses them with dance music. We still use our acoustic instruments, but we've added some piano, bass guitar and cool electric synths too. 

Can you describe your album sound in one sentence?

A combination of house, dance, classical and gypsy music that will take you on a musical journey. 

What inspired the album and what do you guys write about?

We were inspired by various experiences, our debut single off the album - Get Wild - speaks to an experience we had in South-East Asia whilst partying in a jungle. We kept the theme of jungle and gypsy going throughout and we really just wanted to get people dancing.

We generally don't write the lyrics, although Callen wrote the lyrics to The Great Pretended and Interstellar. We work on the musical score and those influences were drawn from the various phases we were in whilst recording the album over the 2 years. Generally, some themes involve living in the moment, love, romance and random experiences. 

Was there a song on the album that you disagreed about?

Interstellar! But just because we had two different versions where the drops were different. 

What’s your favourite track on the album and why?

Embrasse Moi - the studio experience of creating this song was amazing, it features violin, piano, guitar and beatboxing. The concept is really cool - a friend of ours got into the booth and inspiration led him to answering a few questions we asked him. This ended in what is now the rhythmic short worded somewhat nonsensical lyrics to a song! We also used the theme from the beautiful classical piece Adagio in G by Tomaso Albinoni. Interesting fact, the classical theme continues in the outro track of the album, The End.

What’s the one thing no one knows about you?

Something people might not pick up when meeting us or reading about us is that, yes, we are very good boys who play classical instruments and go for runs in the morning, but we party hard, and love going to every underground jol that we are available to. We love techno music - anything with a dirty drop and killer bass!

What’s next?

Holiday! We're off to Amsterdam & Croatia, we're heading to Ultra Europe to go see some of our favourite DJ's live. Then, we have a gig at a very cool club in Sweden called Café Opera. We'll be back at our residency gig at One & Only Hotel's Vista Bar from the last week in July. 

For more info visit ALT EGO’s official website, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

(Photo: Melissa Brown)

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