We spoke to The Script's Glen Power about tea, touring SA and surprises for the local crowd

2018-05-01 09:00

Cape Town – Channel24 got the chance to chat with The Script’s Glen Power ahead of the band’s tour to South Africa which kicks off in Cape Town on 2 May at The Grand Arena, GrandWest and then moves on to Pretoria at the Sun Arena at Time Square on 4 May.

Big Concerts announced on Thursday that local artist Cara Frew will be opening for Glen and the boys at their Pretoria concert date.

Glen spoke to us about the importance of tying into the local mood and working with local artists in our relaxed chat.

We also spoke about Irish tea, why the band loves coming back to SA and what’s next for the very popular international band.


Hey Glen, how’s Taiwan? 

We’re just down at the venue, signing some posters making some Irish tea. The best tea, very tasty, it makes us feel like we’ve got a piece of home with us.

So, what made you and the band want to come back to South Africa?

I think the fans, you know the first time we went there we were shocked with the amount of people that came to the show and the response that we got. It was definitely one that we wanted to put on the map and come back and do again because the response that we get was so…amazing. And we love the country, we love playing there so we said: ‘You know what? We have to go back for this album.’ Because people really appreciate it. Also, the response when you get on stage and people are happy that you’re there is a good thing.

We can tell how much you love SA and that the feeling might be mutual because you and the band filmed some of your most popular music videos in South Africa, do you have anymore plans to film while you’re here?

Not this particular time, but who knows what we might get up to? We always end up -  when we get in a place – changing our minds and doing something cool. But at the moment our main goal is just to come in and do an amazing show and have everyone walk away and go: ‘Wow they’ve really stepped up a level.’ And we’ve really tried to incorporate new things into our show this time around and we really hope we can do that this time around in South Africa. But a lot of things change once we’re on the ground in a country. We get there and we’re like: ‘Actually this will be cool!’ We do have one or two things up our sleeve at the moment that we’re looking into. And it’s all a surprise so we will wait and see. 

What are some of the tougher things (logistically) while you’re on tour?

Oh well it’s amazing. The last time in the UK we had a marching band walk up on stage; in different places we sometimes get local acts to come and perform with us, it just depends on where we are and who we can reach out to, to see what locally we can make a part of our show. Do you know what I mean?

Yes that makes sense to try and tie into the local feeling of a place. And when you’re away from home what’s the one thing you always take on tour with you to give you that slice of Ireland or that tie to home? 

That would be the tea. You know I went into my local supermarket just before we left and I walked up to the tea isle and I literally took the whole isle of Irish tea bags. I went to the till and spent like 60 or 70 quid. And they were looking at me like I had three heads. But I was just like: ‘Sorry I am going away now, I need this tea.’ I walked away, and I must have had about 30 or 40 boxes of tea. 

I totally get that. Other than relaxing and having tea, do you have any special plans away from the stage while you’re here?

Yeah absolutely, I have some friends that I want to see. We have some downtime when we arrive and maybe I’ll get to see them, if they’re around. Also, we’ve been talking to some local people on the ground there; I might see some of the sights I don’t know. It all just depends on how the flight goes because you have all these plans and then you get there, and you’re completely knackered. It’s a funny life we lead. There’s the battle between getting enough sleep and being at your best when you’re on stage for me. So, I always make to have that right, once I have that right I can go play and try a few things. 

What’s next for The Script?

I think more music. After the gigs in Cape Town we have some more festivals to play all over the world and I think once we have that done we’ll just sit down and plan and plot the next part of the story. 

Tour Information:

Cape Town

Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Grand West, Grand Arena
Ticket Price:  R460 – R685

Friday, 4 May 2018
Sun Arena at Time Square
Ticket Price: R430 – R685

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