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We teach Aussie band Karnivool some local lingo ahead of their SA tour

2016-02-08 14:43

Cape Town - Australian progressive rock band Karnivool recently announced a tour to South Africa in April. They will be hitting Cape Town and Johannesburg on 22 April and 23 April respectively.

We had a chance to sit down with lead singer Ian Kenny, and ask him a couple of questions before they get ready for their trip to SA.

Channel24: Hi Ian, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. You guys have been off the radar for the last couple of months. Are you guys busy recording your next album, or have you just been taking some time off?

Ian: We're busy writing the next record at the moment. Not really ready to demo, not ready to record yet. So it's just a whole bunch of writing. We've got a few songs on the table, but we still need a handful more to make up a record and hopefully have 14 or 15 songs so that we can choose the most appropriate material for the record. We've still got a bit to go, but it's coming together.

Channel24: That's great to hear. Can South African fans expect to hear any new material at the show?

Ian: Yeah, hopefully. We're going to have a bit of time for rehearsal before we hit South Africa. If we feel that some of the new material is ready to play, then we'll definitely play it.

Channel24: Last year you did an anniversary tour for the 10 year anniversary of the Themata album. So my next question is: What can South African fans expect to hear at your show? Will it be a mix of old and new songs?

Ian: Yeah we did an anniversary tour for Themata in Australia. I think because this is our first time to South Africa, we'll probably play some things off of Themata, some stuff off Sound Awake and some things off of Asymmetry as well. We'll probably cover the first three records. It's something we'd like to do given that it's our first time to South Africa.

Channel24: Have any of you guys been to South Africa before?

Ian: No, no we haven't. It's going to be brand new man.

Channel24: Do you have plans to travel in South Africa, do some touristy things while you're here?

Ian: We're going to see what our schedule looks like as it comes together. I'd like to stay on in Cape Town for three or four days. We might either get in early or leave late to stay in Cape Town. I would like to do some safari, and I wouldn't mind climbing Table Mountain and do a shark dive while I'm there. Just touristy stuff, that'll be cool. Cape Town, from what I hear, is a really cool town.

Channel24: The next question is a tough one. What stands out as the favourite show you've played as a band?

Ian: Probably the first show that we played in India two years ago. It was at a university. There were like 9 000 people there, and it just had such good energy. It was our first time to the country, and it was just carrying this vibe. It was something that the whole band said afterwards: "Wow, that was pretty insane".

Another one was a club in London in Camden Town called KOKO, which is this theatre that's kind of round, it's like a cylinder with multi levels. That was the second last show we did in London. Awesome venue, awesome vibe. It was fucking on man! Such, such a good show.

We also played the Roundhouse in London, big ass show.

Also the Themata anniversary tour we did, doing a tour like that, playing the record from start to finish to fans was such a good buzz, so much love for the record from the fans, and the band got to replay and relive the record. Yeah, that was killer man. We got lots of love from our Australian fans.

Channel24: What's your favourite country to have visited while touring as Karnivool?

Ian: Probably parts of Scandinavia, like Switzerland and surrounds. It's just beautiful up there. We played some really good festivals there. Scandinavia is rad, but it sucks in the winter though, very hostile and brutal. We were there in the summer, so it was really cool. Finland is also unreal.

It's super ahead of the curve, and a really forward thinking part of the world in general, music aside, the whole social setup. Especially in Germany, those dudes are well ahead of the curve.

So yeah, Europe is always fun, food's pretty good. We're pretty lucky to get to do this for a job, we get to see a lot of crazy cool shit.

Channel24: What's your favourite band you've shared the stage with?

Ian: There's been a few cool bands. There's this band called Strapping Young Lad, with Devon Townsend, a lot of the band digs on him, so we've done some shows with him. We've also played with the Deftones, that was really sick. And we've played with Mars Volta. We've been lucky man, getting to play some cool shows.

Channel24: Do you have any crazy / funny tour stories you can share with us?

Ian: Yeah, there's a few. Our guitarist Hos (Mark Hosking) left his luggage at a venue once while we were touring Europe, and the bus left for the next country, so he had to get it couriered by either truck or train to the next venue 500km away, it cost him a small fortune to do it.

Steven, our drummer, had a big night once when we were in Nottingham in the UK, and he fell asleep under the bus next to a giant purple dildo.

Our bass player Jonathan's quite a character, such a fascinating human actually. He drank too much after a show one night, and the venue was empty and people were loading out. There was this huge ladder propped up against the front of the stage and he was pretty boozy, after drinking a bunch of Jager. So he decided to climb this ladder, and when he got to the top, he just slipped and fell so hard and busted his ankle. So we had to wheel him around for the next couple of shows. Luckily he could still play.

We've been touring for so long that we have a lot of crazy stories.

Channel24: Do you have a special message for your South African fans before the show?

Ian: We're just looking forward to bringing our show and seeing and feeling the reaction. The band really vibes on how things feel, and there's something quite amazing about getting to meet people for the first time and establishing who you are with them, and finding out who they are.

Channel24: Well thanks for taking the time Ian, it was really nice meeting you and speaking with you. I really look forward to seeing you guys perform here in South Africa for the first time.

Ian: Before you go, I need some words from you. I don't want to get confused with the lingo. What are beers? Are they "dops"?

Channel24: Yeah man, that's exactly it. You can ask for a dop, or a beer, whichever one works.

Ian: What does "lekker" mean?

Channel24: It means that something is nice, but it's better than nice, it's awesome. It's "lekker".

Ian: "Lekker" (pronouncing it perfectly) Awesome. And what if someone is being a just like a dickhead, a dipshit, they're just not cool?

Channel24: There are so many different ways to describe that, but I think the best one to describe it is "doos".

Ian: A "doos"? (again perfect pronunciation)

Channel24: Yeah, you got it first try perfectly. You'll fit in here perfectly.

Ian: Awesome, I appreciate that man.

Channel24: No worries, again, it was really nice speaking with you. I look forward to seeing you guys live, and I hope to hear some new material in the near future.

Ian: Cool man, I hope to see you there!

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