5 reasons we love loud music

2019-10-07 09:17

Music is a universal language that invites everyone to move and have some fun, but what is it with the person who has their music cranked up all the time? Read More »


Embattled opera star Placido Domingo resigns from LA Opera

2019-10-03 12:36

Legendary opera singer Placido Domingo, who is facing myriad sexual harassment accusations, announced that he was resigning as general director of the Los Angeles Opera, effectively putting an end to his career in the United States. Read More »


A soundtrack of heartbroken love songs stops playing as feuding children reach truce on funeral for Mexican superstar

2019-10-03 09:06

After days of drama involving a missing corpse, a family feud and a soundtrack of heartbroken love songs, late Latin singing sensation Jose Jose's children have set aside their differences and agreed on plans for his funeral. Read More »


A missing body and a family feud: How the death of a famous Mexican singer turned into a real-life telenovela

2019-10-01 08:08

Legendary Mexican singer Jose Jose's legions of fans had not even finished processing the news of his death when a mystery exploded amid the mourning: where is The Prince of Song's body? Read More »

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