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We asked Survivor SA’s Josie about being the underdog and the possibility of a reality TV romance

2018-06-22 12:41

After surviving tribal council numerous times Josie Eveleigh’s nine lives finally ran out when she became the seventh cast away to be voted off the island on Survivor SA: Philippines.  Read More »

Ocean’s 8 stole our hearts like only a classic heist movie could

2018-06-23 07:00

Ocean’s 8 isn’t a remake of the all-male Ocean’s film series; it’s a whole new cinematic world that we loved getting lost in. Read More »


Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs is near perfect

2018-06-23 06:00

Wes Anderson’s ninth film is near perfect in some respects – the stop-motion animation, the characters are relatable wackadoos and the choice of voice actors who play them freakishly spot-on. Read More »


5 new movies in SA cinemas right now!

2018-06-23 07:04

There’s a new Ocean in charge in cinemas this weekend as the much anticipated spin-off of the Ocean’s franchise hits the big screen. Read More »

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