Angry judge revokes Lohan probation

2011-10-19 22:52
Los Angeles - An angry Los Angeles judge on Wednesday revoked the probation for Lindsay Lohan because she failed to perform community service, and admonished the troubled actress for failing to treat her sentence seriously.

At a progress hearing for Lohan, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner called her previous ruling of probation on a theft charge a "gift" and told Lohan, "there's something called looking a gift horse in the mouth".

Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley tried in vain to argue that her client had complied substantially with other portions of Judge Sautner's sentence, including psychological counselling and attendance in a programme for shoplifters.

But Judge Sautner said she was troubled that Lohan had "blown off" her order to work at a downtown Los Angeles women's detention centre and had, instead, been reassigned by officials to work in a Red Cross programme without court approval.

"Nobody has the power to change my sentence," Judge Sautner said in the hearing, then later pronounced, "I am revoking her probation."

Lohan, 25, was led away from the courtroom in handcuffs, but was expected to post bail and not spend time behind bars.

She was ordered to appear at a November 2 hearing set by Sautner at which court officials and attorneys will present evidence as to whether Lohan did, in fact, violate her probation. If so, she could be returned to jail.

Earlier this year, Judge Sautner sentenced the actress to 360 hours community service as part of a sentence for stealing a gold necklace from a jewellery store. The actress also served 35 days under house arrest.

The actress' once promising movie career has been derailed by multiple trips to jail and rehab since 2007.


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