Betty White says she favours Obama

2012-05-12 18:28

Washington - Betty White says she usually keeps her political views private but in this presidential election she strongly favours one candidate.

As the 90-year-old actress prepares to visit the Smithsonian Institution and National Zoo next week, White told The Associated Press she "very, very much favours" President Barack Obama in the election.

The Golden Girls star said on Friday she is very bi-partisan and has stayed away from politics her whole life. She usually never says who she is for or against because she doesn't want to turn off any of her fans.

White says in this year's election, she likes what Obama has done and "how he represents us".

Her comments come after Hollywood turned out at George Clooney's home to raise $15m for Obama's re-election, a record for a single fundraiser.


  • James - 2012-05-12 19:38

    One of those guilt riddin socialist white women in anguish.

  • adriaan.mostert - 2012-05-12 23:47

    Bettie rocks!

      James - 2012-05-13 17:50

      Perhaps in your ignorant mind. But if you had to make a living in a flat Barry the socialist, [self proclaimed white hater], economy you will wise up.

  • Greg Gow - 2012-05-13 15:01

    She's a rancid old nanny to make this stance when she should be neutral in her stance publicly.

      Stefanus - 2012-05-14 07:46

      why should she be neutral in her stance publicly?? she's an actress, not a newspaper editor. she has the right to say who she favors.

  • Squeegee - 2012-05-13 17:27

    Wow, this will change the election... not!

      Stefanus - 2012-05-14 07:48

      It's called endorsement. Some of her fans could very well vote for Obama because their hero is voting for him.

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