Celebs share Superstorm Sandy on Twitter

2012-10-31 13:59
New York - While the filming of many television shows and movies were halted for Superstorm Sandy, many celebs took to Twitter to update their followers with eyewitness accounts on the storm that brought the US east coast to a standstill on Monday and Tuesday.

Production was affected on several TV shows, including Gossip Girl, Person of Interest, Smash, 666 Park Avenue and Elementary, as well as moviesl, including Akiva Goldsman's Winter's Tale and Darren Aronofsky's Noah.

Jersey Shore reality star Nicole Polizzi made sure her followers were updated with events unfolding in the northern side of New Jersey. She took to Twitter just as the storm hit New Jersey, posting the following:
Martha Stewart had evacuated to her farm in Bedford, just outside New York, saying she had batten down everything before the storm hit. But, as prepared as she was, her farm did not come off unscathed.
American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest found himself in the midst of the storm and tweeted a blurry picture of smoke and a darkened New York cityscape, saying he can only "hear sirens and wind".

When the storm cleared, Ryan was lucky to snap a picture of a rainbow over the city:

After being spotted taking his two dogs for a last minute walk just before the storm hit, Alec Baldwin retorted to his apartment and spent his time watching Supersize Me. But this was not long lasted as power outages kicked in:
Rosie O'Donnel's property next to the Hudson river was washed away and the star posted the following picture of the damage:

Taking a stab at weight-obsessed Los Angeles, Michelle Trachtenberg took to Twitter to express her dismay about her local supermarket running out of bread:

Jersey Shore cast member JWoww also posted a picture to Twitter after the storm had ended to survey the damage in her neighbourhood:

After braving the storm and continuing his talk show without an audience, Jimmy Fallon was just glad to see the storm had passed over and posted this picture to Twitter of Rockerfeller Plaza: