Cheryl Cole's shoe malfunction

2011-12-23 22:58
Los Angeles - Customers have been returning shoes from Cheryl Cole's new range, complaining they are faulty.

Several shoppers are unhappy with the quality of their Your Royal Hotness platform stilettos - which retail from website Stylistpick at £79.90 - because of poor-quality stitching on the strap and heel.

One customer, 31-year-old Sheena Smith, said: "I love Cheryl Cole's style and thought the shoes looked fantastic on the website.

"When I got them, there was immediately a problem with the heel. The packaging was fantastic but the quality of the shoes was awful.

"I was really disappointed I couldn't wear them to my work Christmas party."

The website has now sent an e-mail to customers advising the shoe - which comes in two shades - may be faulty and have offered a replacement or refund if the stitching comes apart.

The e-mail says: "We advise there is a slight possibility your shoes may have a minor fault."

Cheryl had said the Your Royal Hotness design was her "signature shoe".

She said: "It had to represent me. It's girly but glam, all at the same time."

The 'Parachute hitmaker's eight-design collection only went on sale two weeks ago.