Daniel Radcliffe's celebrity obligation

2012-02-05 22:32

Los Angeles - Daniel Radcliffe feels obliged to speak to other celebrities.

The 22-year-old actor admits he finds it "weird" that famous people feel the urge to connect with one another, even when they have never met.

He said: "I still go, 'It's you!', I can't help it. But there's this weird thing sometimes between celebrities who don't know each other. You have a shared experience of something so there's kind of an obligation to say hello.

"I was in a coffee shop once and Jack Black came in and sat down and we did a, 'Hey mate'. It was so weird. I've never even met the guy."

Despite his fame, Daniel insists he finds it easy to make friends as he can always tell if someone is only interested in his success.

He told the new issue of Esquire magazine: "It's fucking easy to tell if people are genuine or not.

"Sometimes they're a bit too interested. If you take a step back and they pursue, then they're probably just a little bit too keen."