'Details freak' Madonna

2012-01-15 08:17

Los Angeles - Madonna is a "details freak".

The 52-year-old singer always likes to be in control and thinks it is important to consider every aspect of a project, no matter how small.

Speaking about her new movie W.E. - which she directed, produced and wrote - she said: "I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a control freak, but I am a detail freak. I chose the costumes, the locations, the lamps, the tables, the carpets, the drapes - everything.

"I also liked to put the finishing touches on the actors before they did their scenes - you know, with their hair or clothes.

"Putting on a bracelet or something on to Andrea [Riseborough]'s wrist gave me an emotional connection before directing her. Some of the jewellery we used was actually Wallis Simpson's."

Madonna - who has been married twice before and is currently dating dancer Brahim Zaibat - believes she is in control of her own "destiny", a message she reflects in the movie.

She explained: "It's about what Wallis says in the movie - 'Get a life'. Happiness lies in our own hands and we are in charge of our own destiny."