Elton John will never join Twitter

2012-07-22 21:56

Los Angeles - Sir Elton John thinks he'd end up in prison if he joined Twitter.

The 65-year-old singer refuses to sign up to the social networking site as he knows he would get into trouble almost straight away.

He said: ''It would end my career. I'd be in prison after about two days. I mean, no, God almighty. Me and my big mouth, no thank you. That would be the end of the career.''

Even if he did decide to join Twitter, Elton - who has an 18-month-old son, Zachary, with husband David Furnish - admits he would find it difficult because he struggles with the latest technology.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''You won't see me doing a disco record or a dance record or anything like that, because I don't know how. I'm technically a Luddite. I have an iPad, but I don't have a phone. I'm not great on a computer, I don't even have one.

''I write everything down - I come from a different era. I accept the change and I know that it is the future with the way it's going, but I don't know how to do it.''


  • paul.botha.967 - 2012-07-22 22:14

    We don't want you to join cowboy!

      Preshen - 2012-07-23 11:27

      Will he tweet “Do let your son go down on me “

  • lizelle.grobbelaarvanzyl - 2012-07-22 22:42

    He shouldn't worry too much, after all hed fit right in with prison life!

      berthram - 2012-07-23 01:21

      What an absolutely tasteless comment, Lizelle...

  • tandi.freeman - 2012-07-23 07:28

    Elton John is cool..no doubt about it and always honest.:-)

  • mikembengo - 2012-07-23 08:42


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