Garfield hits 35 milestone

2013-06-19 16:27
Indiana - Before there was Grumpy Cat, there was the original sarcastic fat cat – Garfield. 35 years ago today, Garfield made his first appearance in 41 newspapers in America. Since then Garfield has morphed into a lazy, selfish, gluttonous comedic while playing tricks on a simple Odie and trying the patience of his owner, Jon Arbuckle.

Garfield was created by Jim Davis, who still writes Garfield comics and runs the Garfield merchandise empire, as an attempt to make a more likeable character since his previous comic, Gnorm Gnat, seemed unrelatable to audiences. Garfield proved to be a massive hit, and went on to star in movies, various cartoon television shows and even in video games.

Garfield has become the mascot for Monday blues and being lazy everywhere, and we at channel24 wish the overweight king of cats a happy birthday! Now it’s time for the mid-life crisis to kick in.