JM Coetzee tells Spain: Drop bullfighting

2013-05-17 10:13
London - Nobel Literature laureate JM Coetzee has called on Spain to abandon plans to protect bullfighting, making a rare public appeal against what he called "an archaic form of entertainment."

In an open letter to Spain's legislature released on Thursday, Coetzee called bullfights "a throwback to a time when people took no heed of the feelings of animals." which he said had no place in 21st century Spain.

Cape Town, South Africa-born Coetzee is a noted opponent of animal cruelty, and touches upon the theme of nonhuman suffering in his books, including The Lives of Animals.

Spain is divided over bullfighting. The ruling Popular Party wants to enshrine it as part of Spain's national heritage, but some regional governments have enacted bans.

Spain's parliament has been debating the issue since February.


  • Riana Bruyns-Lombard - 2013-05-17 12:21

    Good for you Mr Coetzee!! Horribly cruel... Torturing an animal letting it bleed half to death and then feel like a man when provoking the poor animal to defend itself... Dont know why they call it manKIND when man is rarely kind at all!!!

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