John Travolta sued by author

2012-06-22 22:27
Los Angeles - John Travolta is being sued by an author who claims the actor tarnished his reputation.

Robert Randolph wrote You'll Never Spa In This Town Again, in which he makes claims the Pulp Fiction actor enjoyed gay sexual relations in Los Angeles' City Spa in the 1990s.

His lawsuit claims John and his lawyer Marty Singer had falsely claimed he had serious mental problems and had spent time in a psychiatric hospital, to try and make him out to be an unreliable source and prevent other media and booksellers writing about or carrying his tome.

Both John, 58, and Marty have issued statements branding the lawsuit "ridiculous".

'Ridiculous lawsuit'

A representative for the Hairspray star said: "The lawsuit filed by Robert Randolph is absurd. The suit is based on a privileged communication, and it will promptly be thrown out by the court.

"To evaluate the credibility of Robert Randolph and his ridiculous lawsuit one need look no further than his own statements published on his website stating that he sustained 'permanent brain damage' and had to 'retrain' his brain."

Marty echoed these claims, saying: "We intend to sue the attorneys for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit."

John - who is married to actress Kelly Preston - has been dogged by a number of claims of sexual misconduct, some of which have since been retracted, from a number of male masseurs since the publication of You'll Never Spa In This Town Again.


  • peter.krummeck.3 - 2012-06-22 23:22

    How about letting John get on with his private life?

      goyougoodthing - 2012-06-23 07:32

      Anthony, we don't agree on much, but in this regard, big thumbs up.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-06-23 05:39

    Tinsel Town has it's fair share of junkies hookers sexual deviants and weirdos..the question is who's what in the Hollywood zoo?

  • millionwatts1 - 2012-06-23 07:07

    I think Tom Cruise is next.

  • wesleywt - 2012-06-23 11:27

    Funny that the author who tarnished Travolta's rep is suing him for the same thing. He is a crazy.

  • OHHILISA - 2012-06-23 14:37

    i was going to sue him, but eish the queue was too long

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