Juror: Finding Murray guilty was easy

2011-11-09 22:25
Los Angeles - The decision to find Dr Conrad Murray guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson was an easy one, according to a member of the jury.

The juror - who has asked not to be identified - revealed there was no conflict between the seven men and five women on the panel and they made their decision long before they ended their eight hours of deliberations, thanks to the "overwhelming body of evidence".

They told gossip website TMZ "it was a concrete decision" and are now "glad it's over" and happy to return to "normal life".

Murray pleaded not guilty to causing Jackson's death on the morning of June 25 2009 by giving him the anaesthetic Propofol as a sleeping aid.

He was remanded into custody with no bail by the presiding Judge Pastor. He will be sentenced on November 29 and faces up to four years in jail for the crime.

On his reasoning for the remand, the judge said: "Public safety demands that he is remanded. With no bail in the interim he is to be kept in the care and custody of the Los Angeles county Sherriff's office." 


  • Neville - 2011-11-10 00:04

    I think that Dr Murray was the best because Michael only work with the best ,how can he be blame , it take's 2 to tango he was a spoil brat that can do what he wants with the money he got

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