Kim Kardashian gives birth: Reports

2013-06-15 22:55
Los Angeles - Reality television star Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, her first child with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, news reports said.

Kardashian, aged 32, was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Beverly Hills five weeks ahead of her due date and delivered a baby girl, the entertainment news website reported.

The website said West was present at the birth and had cancelled an event to promote his new album late on Friday after Kardashian had complained of feeling a "little off".

US Magazine quoted a hospital source as saying the Kardashian and her daughter were "doing great and amazing!"

"Kim had her baby," the source was quoted as saying. "She's five weeks early. Kim got sick last night and had the baby early."

Kardashian announced her pregnancy on New Year's Eve last year following her whirlwind romance with West.

"Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo," Kardashian wrote in a blog.

Kardashian shot to notoriety in 2007 after the emergence of a home sex video featuring her and her then boyfriend, the singer Ray J, filmed several years earlier.

She later became the star of the reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which centred around the lives of her and her Los Angeles-based family.


  • Igshaan Cornelius - 2013-06-15 23:05

    Who gives a rat ass about this girl big time trash

  • Hendrik JJ Kruger - 2013-06-15 23:20

    Who care?

      Dnev Barnes - 2013-06-16 10:03

      u care

  • Bernard Linde - 2013-06-15 23:22

    What a kick in the pants. Wonder what happened to all the extravagant planning that surrounded (or was supposed to surround) this birth. Nature waits for no one - not even for celebrities.

      Elizabeth Palm - 2013-06-16 00:19

      Congrats Kim. Wonderful news babies really a gift from God

      Ric Surfers Paradise - 2013-06-16 03:59

      I have seeing the hole ..where she drooped from ..

  • Hendrik JJ Kruger - 2013-06-15 23:22

    Who cares???

      Dnev Barnes - 2013-06-16 10:04

      u care

  • Ntsikelelo X Sululu - 2013-06-15 23:47

    Jeeez there are 7 billion ppl on earth,who really cares gosh!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Mouton - 2013-06-15 23:58

    Another publisity stunt. Those people can't live without being noticed. Get a life you peope and stop being shallow. Won't be long before they put the baby in the media 2.

  • Zoheb Hassan - 2013-06-16 00:05

    Really? Are we supposed to care???

      Pfuxi Ethel Nhlangz - 2013-06-16 03:12

      ah not exactly,we dont have to!

  • François Kemp - 2013-06-16 00:17

    To think she is still married to another man. Having a lovers child not her real husband's. Sad.

      Lynn Skinner - 2013-06-16 00:40

      Actually the divorce was finalised a few weeks ago. Still, trash is trash and always will be!

      Sipho Mnguni - 2013-06-16 06:36

      Yes, the divorce was finalised weeks ago which means she fell pregnant by another man while still married. Pure adulteress.

      Bianca Church - 2013-06-19 21:21

      all so holier than thou! if you detest her so much, why waste the time and energy reading and commenting. its a baby ffs, its a happy occasion. go and be miserable elsewhere

  • Richard Stockenström - 2013-06-16 00:30


  • Lynn Skinner - 2013-06-16 00:39

    YAWN! And a thousand other babies were also born. Big deal.

  • Shireen Abbas Davids - 2013-06-16 01:04

    Eish pure SIN city with all the hate ! Will pray for all you haterS lokl ! BtW no one forced u to read about her yet you not only did but commented aswell ! Hooray for u all HAHAHAAAaaaaa

      Ric Surfers Paradise - 2013-06-16 03:56

      The porn Star is reproducing ...bravoooo !!!

      iNJBL - 2013-06-16 06:58

      People who comment asking why we should care need to skip the entertainment section. I mean different strokes for different folks.

  • Raymond Navaragp Tshepo - 2013-06-16 01:36

    wow im happy for kimwest finally de bby came bt i jc feel sorry for k.west coz im sure he wnted a bby boy bt anyway all is gud my bother its a gift frm god

  • Ric Surfers Paradise - 2013-06-16 04:05

    Conceive by flies ..

  • Ian McNaughton - 2013-06-16 05:12

    Save the whale. Harpoon Kim. Yawn

  • William Hallett - 2013-06-16 05:32

    Who the hell cares, what this Kim Kardashian has brought into this World. As far as i'm concerned, she is nothing buy loud mouthed B with an itch.

  • Wimpie Nel - 2013-06-16 06:34

    The only child that will have a video of the birth and conception! .....

  • Vanessa Leigh Luckhoff - 2013-06-16 06:53

    So not intelligent news....

  • Chantelle Michael - 2013-06-16 06:53

    that poor child. imagine having a porn star for a mother and a lunatic who likens himself to God for a father. sis, these animals need to stop breeding.

      Sbo Kubeka - 2013-06-16 08:04

      @Chantelle, you really are a hater. I'm really sad for you, to carry around such hatred for someone u don't even know.

      Louise Barnard - 2013-06-16 15:29

      Sibongile you are so right! I agree that this is not news worthy but hey come on you people have no right to say the awful and rude things you are saying! Its so so sad!

      Bianca Church - 2013-06-19 21:26

      seriously! its really sad. I cannot believe there are so many nasty hateful people out there.. unless you're all perfect, which I'm pretty sure you're not..keep your filthy hearts to yourselves.

  • Brian Heunis - 2013-06-16 07:14


      Tasneem Cader - 2013-06-16 13:48

      It was the top story

  • Busizwe Magwaza - 2013-06-16 07:18

    They make a good macth

  • Ntombenhle Dladla Zuma - 2013-06-16 07:46

    Congrats Kim, but Im stil praying for Khloe and Lamar

  • Johan Steyn - 2013-06-16 07:56

    Poor child, her mother is also going to leak her sex tape for fame a bunch off sick attention seeking trailer trash with money I wish they would dissapear or a law would stop them from breeding!

  • Sbo Kubeka - 2013-06-16 08:05

    Congrats Kim...hope she takes your looks!

  • Mark Booysen - 2013-06-16 08:10

    I mowed the lawn yesterday!

  • Monique Naude - 2013-06-16 08:56

    We had a great get together with fantastic friends yesterday. Who cares anyway. Millions of women give birth every day, and they don't ever make the news.

  • Ndlovu Khanyisani - 2013-06-16 09:09

    Who cares about her, all the women in south africa have given birth what's special about her.

  • Sue Maguire - 2013-06-16 09:16

    Haha mark booysen. Now that's news worth reading. Love it

  • Jurgen Eksteen - 2013-06-16 09:19

    Poor child!!

  • David Mabaso - 2013-06-16 10:05

    who cares??? I bet u shes going to release her debut sex tape as early as 9. poor child

  • Dnev Barnes - 2013-06-16 10:05

    all of you have the kardashian virus

  • Eunice Rayners Feldman - 2013-06-16 10:06

    Congrats to mother nd dad.

  • Sydney Gutyungwa - 2013-06-16 10:20

    And so WHAAAAT?

  • Kamo Mpete - 2013-06-16 13:12

    u shuldv made a story bwt fathers involving real honest fathers nd their kids. not this people dt we dont know. post south african news not this junk. BY DA WAY I BOUGHT MY DAD A FATHERS DAY GIFT.... isnt dt news worthy for u

  • Nkosi Mzimba - 2013-06-16 13:28

    and so it begins. Whats her name gonna be? Kimaye'?? She'll probably squeeze out 4 or 5 more kids before she hits 40

  • Chantelle Michael - 2013-06-17 08:55

    @sbongile. these people are an abomination. n they continue with their immorality because society now praises their disgusting behaviour. its perversion and filth. she has so many young girls looking up to her because of her beauty n when she does such things, a new generation finds it socially acceptable. one day these people will have to answer for what they've done. n God's judgement will not consider social convention and norms. yes, i dont know these people, but i, like many others know what they have done and its utterly sickening.

  • Ricky Singh - 2013-06-17 10:32

    And someone felt a rumble in the Himalayas somewhere.Is there another news story,yawn?

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