Monaco set for religious wedding

2011-07-02 15:36
Monaco - Newlyweds Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene, a one-time Olympic swimmer from South Africa, are ready to say their vows again, this time in a star-studded religious ceremony.

The couple was married in an intimate civil service on Friday in the prince's palace. Albert, the son of Grace Kelly and the late Prince Rainier III, is Monaco's reigning prince.

The big wedding event, however, is to take place on Saturday. Guests expected at the Catholic service and gala dinner to follow include assorted European royals, top models and world class athletes.

Celebrated French-born chef Alain Ducasse is preparing a multi-course dinner for 450 guests. He has said freshly caught fish and vegetables grown on Albert's farm will be on the menu.


  • Ruby Jane - 2011-07-02 16:42

    Are anybody watching sabc 3 broadcasting of the wedding? It is absolutely terrible! The presenters are awfull! I wish I could swear - could describe her quite well then...they are just talking bull sh"t!!!! How can they call it about the broadcast..they are talking clothes!!! What a total disappointment is SABC????!!!!!!!! Jo-ann....I totally HATE her...her hand moving and gesturing the whole time!! What the hell is up with that???? The poorest poorest show EVER!!!!!

      darkwing - 2011-07-02 16:58

      Serves you right for watching.

      pugsie - 2011-07-03 07:23

      I totally agree that the broadcasting was a disaster!The host only wanted to talk fashion which was totally out of context with what the broadcast was about....the wedding of the Prince of Monaco & Charlene Wittstock.She clearly had not done her homework regarding the who's who of Monaco...and the dignitaries that would be attending.She kept getting the names of Princess Caroline's children all mixed up and at one stage called her sons - her stepsons.She and her guests babbled on so much about fashion that we missed seeing so many important people arriving...probably because she didn't know who was who.I believe that the whole ambience of the day was lost because she was unable to give us more information regarding the history of Monaco and its people and help us to capture the true mood of the day.It was not necessary to talk about the fashions...that we could see for ourselves.What a HUGE disappointment after such excellent covering of the wedding of William to Kate.Did S.Africa not have anyone who was competent to cover the wedding without turning it into a couch talk-show about fashion?There are horses for courses and I hope SABC NEVER makes the same mistake again.Jo-ann Strauss was definitely NOT the candidate for the job.So sad because this was to be a one-in-a-lifetime experience that was totally destroyed.It left me and my friends who were watching with me totally disillusioned.I cannot think back on this event with any excitement whatsoever.Not good SABC 3.

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