New home for Justin Bieber's pet

2013-06-02 13:30
Hodenhagen - Justin Bieber's pet monkey Mally has found a new home in a popular drive-in safari park in northern Germany and may soon find romance with a girl monkey named Molly.

"It's an honour for the park," said Fabrizio Sepe, chief executive of the Serengeti Park on Friday.

German customs confiscated the capuchin monkey, now 23 weeks old, in March in Munich after Bieber, who was on tour, could not prove his pet from a protected wild species was bred in captivity.

Officials decided to give the juvenile to the Serengeti Park at Hodenhagen, where families can drive their cars among rhinoceros, giraffes and baboons, visit caged animals and enjoy fairground rides afterwards.

Mally, weight 1.3kg, needs 25 more days in quarantine, and will then join Serengeti's troupe of capuchins. Molly, the youngest female in the troupe, would make the "perfect partner" once Mally matures, Sepe said.

First Mally, who will have keepers tending to him 24 hours a day, must learn to act ape. He has grown up "humanoid," Sepe said.