South Korea goes Gaga

2012-04-27 14:43
Seoul - Tens of thousands of South Koreans flocked to the opening show of Lady Gaga's global tour on Friday, amid colourful scenes as female and male fans donned outrageous outfits in honour of the US pop diva.

Dozens of Lady Gaga lookalikes took souvenir pictures as hordes of fans waited in line outside Seoul's Olympic stadium, the venue for the evening concert.

Some male fans wore leather corsets over black and white suits and black sunglasses with metal spikes, while scores of others put on face paint to honour the "Bad Romance" singer known for her otherworldly outfits.

For her latest tour, which will take in venues across Asia and Europe, she will not disappoint on the fashion front, and her extravagant costumes include a leotard fashioned from guitars and a giant piano keyboard headpiece.

Police and security guards were outside the stadium before the concert, which has prompted opposition from religious groups who accuse the US star of advocating homosexuality and pornography with her provocative performances.

110 shows

Two foreign Christian protestors at the stadium held placards reading "Lady Gaga. Go home!" and "Sexual purity, virginity, fidelity", while in another part of Seoul about 100 South Korean Christian activists gathered for a rally.

South Korea has banned those aged under 18 from the much-anticipated concert - her second in the nation - after it was rated unsuitable for younger audiences.

The "Poker Face" singer is expected to do 110 shows this year following the success of her album Born This Way, which has sold nearly six million copies worldwide since it was released in May 2011.

The star, named one of the 100 most influential fashion icons by the US magazine Time, has wowed fans with shocking wardrobes ranging from a dress made of raw meat to a frock fashioned out of plastic bubbles.

Other costumes on her latest tour will include a black bodysuit made of hundreds of glittering vinyl tubes sewn together with metal studs and glass pieces, and a long, skin-coloured latex tunic.