The Osbournes in house extension row

2012-06-07 19:56
Los Angeles - Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are being sued for illegally extending their Los Angeles garden.

The rock singer and his wife have reportedly annexed land neighbouring their home, which is governed by The Mountain View Estate Owners' Association.

A lawsuit filed by the association claims the couple have extended roughly 790m² into their land.

The lawsuit says a surveyor working for the association discovered the encroachment on 2 May, but doesn't say whether the Osbournes have ever been notified of the alleged trespass.

The association is demanding an order from the court which will require the showbiz couple to remove the fence, but a judge has yet to rule in the case.

Ozzy and Sharon's Los Angeles home - in the Hidden Hills area of the city - is said to be the best of any rock star living in the area.

'Ozzy had the nicest house'

Film director Greg Olliver - who interviewed a number of rock stars for his documentary Lemmy - said:

"Ozzy had the nicest house, no doubt about it. He had the red phantom car parked out front, Sharon had just come home in a stretched limo from shopping and there were bags and piles of new clothes and shoes all over the foyer, with a marble table.

"We were then led down to Ozzy's recording studio, which is at the bottom of the house, and it had the most beautiful wood for the stairs, and at the bottom, there is these two black leather doors with black crosses sewn in.

"You could just tell, some people find a way to do it right in the world of music."

Ozzy, 63, is not at home currently, as he prepares to perform in England at Download festival on Sunday with his reunited band Black Sabbath.