The great Kate wait

2013-07-22 19:26
London – By 19:00 on Monday night there had still been no official word on the birth of the royal baby.

This comes after palace officials announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was going into labour at 06:00 (London time) on Monday morning. This would mean that Kate has been in labour for longer than 12 hours already.

Some 250 reporters and crew are packed into a relatively small stretch of the street opposite St Mary's Hospital, with hundreds of photographers lenses poised to capture the first images of the new heir.

During the day, Royal staff have been sending extra supplies to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, SkyNews reported.

The arrival will be announced in traditional fashion, with a notice on an easel behind the iron railings of Buckingham Palace. However the possibility that Kate will not give birth in the next few hours means that the much-vaulted theatrical announcement on the easel at Buckingham Palace may be under threat.

Kensington Palace reserve the right to not make the announcement via easel if the baby is born late in the evening, in which case it will just announced  via an e-mail press release.

According to the BBC’s royal reporter, Peter Hunt, the first clue that a baby has been born will be when one of Kate's officials emerges from the Lindo Wing with a medical bulletin in their hands heading towards the palace.