6 reasons we loved Luke Perry

2019-03-05 14:58
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Hollywood and indeed fans around the world are still reeling at the shock passing of Luke Perry.

The 52-year-old actor, best known for his roles in the TV series Riverdale and Beverly Hills 90210, died suddenly this week following complications from a massive stroke. As tributes continue to pour in, here are six reasons why the world fell in love with him.

1 So sexy

With a smouldering sexiness like no other, he was one of Hollywood’s most lusted-after men. In fact, during his younger years he was often likened to 1950s screen icon and motorbike-riding rebel, James Dean, something he scoffed at.

“At one point or another, everybody gets called ‘the new James Dean’,” he once said.

2. Dishy Dylan

He became every young girl’s fantasy when he landed the role of sensitive bad-boy Dylan McKay in the teen TV series Beverly Hills 90210. The role turned him into a household name and a ’90s heart-throb who graced countless magazine covers. Oh, how we’ll miss those soulful gazes . . .

3. Devoted dad

Despite splitting from his wife of 10 years, actress Minnie Sharp, in 2003, he was a devoted father to their two kids – Jack (21), a professional wrestler, and Sophie (18).

“Love [your kids] as much as you can and talk to them as much as you can.Make time for them,” he told Us Weekly in 2017. He was reportedly a regular at his son’s wrestling matches.

4. Heart of gold

Luke was one of the kindest people around. According to Fargo actor Colin Hanks, son of actor Tom Hanks, he once came out of first class on a flight to help calm down two children.

Eva Anderson, writer and daughter of Night Court actor Harry Anderson, also tweeted how Luke was a “truly lovely neighbour to my grandfather and aunt”, writing that he’d “come over to replace light bulbs all the time”.

5. Decent and humble

After the devastating floods of 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee, residents recall him getting stuck in on the ground to help, distributing water and food. “He was just a humble, decent dude,” a Twitter fan named Josh Raby wrote.

Another fan, Deborah Muller, tweeted how when she was 20 she “interrupted his dinner and he kindly took a pic with me. One of the most humble and kind people I’ve ever met”. 6 Cancer activist

After undergoing a colonoscopy in 2015, Luke’s doctors discovered he had several precancerous growths. After having them removed the actor became vocal on the topic of getting screened.

“When I heard that this was the most detectable cancer that we know of yet it’s the second most lethal, I just couldn’t figure out why that was and I wanted to get out there and tell people about it,” he said.

Additional source: Us Weekly

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