Amanda Strydom returns to the stage

2011-10-25 11:04
Willem de Vries
Cape Town – Amanda Strydom, well known as a prominent exponent of literary cabaret in Afrikaans, will take to the stage for the first time since 1989, without singing a single note.

Next year Strydom will be seen alongside Hannes van Wyk at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch in a production provisionally titled Voor Ek Vergeet. The play deals with the visit of a mother (15 years Strydom's senior) and her child right before she is set to move house.

"The subject of someone starting to suffer from dementia gripped me. Without exaggerating I can say that I am happy that I chose this piece – the standard and depth of the piece is precious."

Hannes van Wyk, known for his role as Krynauw in Egoli and Len in 7de Laan, will play the role of Johan Botha, the son of Strydom's character, Hendrien.

According to a press release, the script is loosely based on his experiences. Karen Marx penned the script.

"I am very excited about the piece. Last night I slept with the script under my pillow," says Strydom. Theatre is what I was trained in, what I earned my degree in. I have been offered numerous scripts and roles throughout my life."


"My role in (kykNET's) Hartland, although a minor one, was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed working with Gerrit Schoonhoven.

"When my agent, Theresa du Preez, asked me to read the script of Voor Ek Vergeet I decided that if there was one word that bothered me or that I didn't like, I would not accept the role – but I was captivated. The script is compassionate, moving. And funny. Karen Marx's character is three dimensional.

"When I returned from my annual tour of the Netherlands in 2009, Hennie van Greunen gave me a script to read – it was Die Naaimasjien."

However, the extent to which Strydom would have had to study the densely woven script would have proven impossible to accomplish after a tour. "I was too exhausted. But it's a shame I couldn't do it."

Ever since she hoped that something similar would come along.

Return to theatre

The last play in Cape Town Strydom starred in was titled Dario Fo-drama Orgasmo Adulto Escapes from the Zoo, and was performed in 1989. The play was performed at the Baxter theatre and Strydom starred opposite Michele Maxwell.

In the press release van Wyk states that he had wanted to return to theatre for some time now, "and I wanted to do it with this piece. With Amanda's acceptance of the role, everything fell into place."

The piece is set to debut at the Woordfees which takes place from 2 to 11 March 2012. Gert van Niekerk will direct. Strydom will be at Casparus restaurant in Stellenbosch for a conversation with Niel Rademan regarding literary cabaret. Some of her works will be performed at the small event.