Anneli van Rooyen under the knife again

2011-02-25 06:30
Philip de Bruin, Beeld
Johannesburg - Today is her 50th birthday but singer Anneli van Rooyen will have little time to celebrate.
She has to prepare herself for two operations on her face.
These operations are only two of many she had to undergo in the past three years because of a “disastrous procedure she underwent on 23 October 2007 to counter trigeminal neuralgia”.
Her facial nerves were permanently damaged during the procedure. In addition, the right side of her jaw was dislocated and she will need another operation in order for her jaw to become fully functional again.
“I hope to have a new lease on life once the excruciating pain has subsided,” she said.
Annelie said the first operation will take place in two weeks time and will be “unique”.
Doctors will attempt to rid her of pain. A neuro-stimulator will be used to disrupt the pain impulses her brain receives in order to lessen the level of pain she experiences. 

Once she has recovered, surgery to her jaw to regain normal use of her mouth will be done.
“My vocal chords are not damaged, which means I will still be able to sing.”


  • heesie - 2011-10-12 15:21

    ANNELI ek het baie simpatie met jou - ekt vir 4jr al sulke brandende voetsole 24/7 - niks help nie - drs weti wat fout is nie . . ek smeer mar aquesroom aan . .

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