Annie Lennox talks gender violence in CT

2013-04-30 13:30
Cape Town - The Cape Town Press Club has announced that singer-songwriter and political activist Annie Lennox will be visiting Cape Town on Thursday to speak about gender-violence in South Africa.

The Eurythmics singer has launched a petition begging media, government and religious leaders to commit to the issue of gender-based violence on both a personal and professional level.

The activist married a South African medical doctor who focuses on fighting HIV and will use the event to ponder the question: "How can we see the end of gender-based violence?"

As the founder of The SING Campaign, a voice for HIV/Aids women and children and an ambassador for a number of charity organisations, the British-born singer hopes to use the event to raise awareness for a cause that is close to her heart.

An award-winning singer-songwriter, Annie shot to fame with the success of her band the Eurythmics. She was named "The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive" by VH1 and one of The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone.

In recent years, the Walking on Broken Glass star, can be seen devoting most of her time to women’s rights campaigning and raising awareness about HIV/Aids.

'A turning point'

The decision to become an activist happened on a visit to South Africa in 2003 where she met former president Nelson Mandela. She witnessed Madiba describing the HIV/Aids pandemic as a virtual genocide of the South African people, in particular women and children.

Speaking to last week, Annie said: "It truly was an awakening, a turning point...I was outraged and ashamed. But it isn't just about a pandemic. It is about the devaluation of women, the lack of protection, the lack of care, of legislative measures, of mechanisms to protect women and children.

"I'm a woman, I'm a mother…my gender means that I'm connected to an awful lot of issues but this really resonated with me. I realised that women and children don't have a voice in this."

Annie was also recently involved in a silent vigil outside St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town to honour rape victim Anene Boysen.

The event will be held at 6 Spin Street Restaurant. For more information contact Gloria at 021 683 3990 or

Watch Annie being interviewed by Die Burger at the Silent Protest held for Anene Boysen: