Celebs tweet Black Tuesday

2011-11-22 12:50
Cape Town -  Local celebrities have tweeted their thoughts on the controversial Protection of state information bill which will come before the National Assembly for a vote on Tuesday.

South African celebrities, TV and radio personalities and artists have all taken to micro-blogging site Twitter to blast the South African government's proposed Protection of Information Bill, or so-called Secrecy Bill.

Outspoken radio presenter Gareth Cliff showed his solidarity against the bill by changing his Twitter profile picture to a "censored" black block. He tweeted: "I won't be tweeting any more today. I've been censored. #POIB #BlackTuesday Let the Govt. tell you what's best for you..."


South African singer and songwriter Chris Chameleon also changed his profile picture to black and fervently tweeted about the bill saying: "the poib is proof that politicians, who have long regarded themselves above the law, want to maintain the status quo."

He followed that tweet with another shortly after saying: "what's this nonsense anyway? politicians telling us where to get off? let's just get this straight: you, mr politician, you work for us, ok?"

Writer and comedian Rob van Vuuren (aka Twakkie from comedy act Corne and Twakkie) also tweeted in a more sombre tone than usual - openly criticizing a govenrment that would allow any kind of censorship.

He tweeted: "Govt: "you want the truth? You can't handle the truth, so we'll give it 2 you in pre-chewed, bite-size pieces with the tough bits taken out"

And later: "The sad truth is that we have a govt that seems intent on turning corruption into a national sport... And a press that for the most part seems more intent on selling newspapers than being a watch dog."

State security info

Musical duo Goldfish also showed their support by tweeting a link to a petition to stop the bill: "We're wearing black today. Do something about the secrecy bill and sign this NOW t.co/6F3H7Efz #blacktuesday"

South African actor Fana Mokoena who is currently filming World War Z alongside Brad Pitt tweeted opinions that might suggest that he is not entirely opposed to the bill. He tweeted: "I wonder how many people ACTUALLY know what the Protection of Information Bill is. I wonder who's ACTUALLY read it."

And later in reply to someone who challenged his view he tweeted back: "There is sensitive state security info. If you obtain it illegally you will be charged. I'm not sure how that compromises me."

However most celebrities seemed to be vehemently opposing the bill with model Lee-Ann Liebenberg urging her followers on Monday to wear black to protest the bill: "FYI; Wear black tomorrow in protest against the Protection of Information Bill aka Secrecy Bill #blacktuesday #POIB"


  • Jay - 2011-11-22 14:12

    Lee-ann Liebenebrg tweeted like a real blonde,,who writes FYI infront of a protest message....

      Penny-wise - 2011-11-22 16:23

      People who don't want to write out the full "for your information". It is called tweet for a reason hey?

  • Skhulu - 2011-11-22 14:38

    may be just look who are those celebrites, i only see WHITES HERE.

      Kosie - 2011-11-22 14:59

      remember this day, cause in the not so far future the majority will starve from hunger, colera will spread though our waters killing millions, investors will turn away,the currency will colapse, how can you people be so blind, go study the last 25 yrs of zim's historical politics and you will see that anc is following in exactely the same footsteps as zanu pf. and if it wasn't for the usa, zim would have been a nature reserve today with only animals as inhabitants. if the bill passes: rememebr this day. the count down has begun.

      BassmasterSA - 2011-11-22 15:10

      It is not a black or white thing, it's a South African thing! Get off your racist horse boet.

      johan.landman - 2011-11-22 15:18

      Who cares if its white or black Skhulu. The point is if someone creates a bill like that, they wanna hide something from their people and we all are the people Skhulu...

      Penny-wise - 2011-11-22 16:24

      Skhulu that's because you're blinded by your racist Malema glasses. I feel so sorry for you man

      Stephen - 2011-11-22 16:30

      50 against, but he ain't wrong. their all white.

  • weekendb - 2011-11-22 15:14

    @ Fana Mokoena ubosso wena!!! Since when States stop making it their business not to guard State Secrets? I'm in agreement with Duc De Richelieu when he says "Secrecy is the first essential in affairs of the State". Newspapers/media houses are masquarading under the banner of "public interest". Nonsense - they r mobilising the general public for their own selfish/commercial ends. Even the so-called model democracies (yo Switzerlands) will not hesitate to deploy all its resources to hunt down anyone suspected of peddling state secrets! Take CANADA for instance: There are 2 main type of sensitive information designation used by the Government of Canada: Classified and Designated. The access and protection of both types of information is governed by the Security of Information Act. To access the information, a person must have the appropriate level of clearance and a "Need to know". Any unauthorised release of such information constitutes a higher breach of trust, with penalty of life mprisonment. Newspapers/media houses are only interested in the so-called scoops (what sells and not public interest! The Chapter 9 Institutions are sufficient to look after my interests! Thuli Madonsela's work is worth more than all these funny publications. Perhaps the fight should be about giving them (the Chapter 9) more theeth. I refuse to be taught/reminded history by journalists)! For now I remain

      Penny-wise - 2011-11-22 16:27

      @ weekendb - you're so ignorant it's almost laughable. It's not about journalists teaching you history. This Bill will change what people are allowed to write about in history as well !!! Do you want your children to believe a lie, or the truth? This ANC regime is doing exactly what apartheid regime did. Hiding the truth from the people. ANC regime is just MUCH WORSE !!!

  • johan.landman - 2011-11-22 16:59

    Don't Worry Folks, We can still reply on Wikileaks to spill the info!

  • Sello - 2011-11-22 19:06

    People who have lost a democratic process during the elections are trying to govern this country by other means. Including courts and media. By the way who owns the media in this country and whose ideas are they promoting? Certainly not mine and if you differ with them you are stupid or uncivilized.

  • Charmaine - 2011-11-23 18:10

    I have already emailed the Deputy President and cc to Avaaz, The government has no power and authority over me as an individual and they must stop this Nonsense as all secrets of human beings are known to Our Lord God Almighty. They will never succeed because they have done zero to banish and punish High crime. They themselves are involved in Crime.We should just Pray to God and soon this government will be replaced with righteous men and women as leaders in our Land, South Africa. Apartheid is not over yet, this is a "Evil Government".

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