Charlize lying - former schoolmate

2011-12-11 16:30
Gavin Prins, Rapport
Johannesburg - Hollywood star Charlize Theron is exaggerating when she says she was bullied at school.

That’s according to an ex-schoolmate, Karlien Breytenbach.

Theron recently said in an American magazine that she was a shrinking violet at school, that boys weren’t interested in her and she was regularly bullied.

But Breytenbach said Theron is talking nonsense about the bullying.

“She was never bullied. She’s the one who bullied the other children.”

Breytenbach says her sister, Anita, and other friends who were with Theron at the Putfontein Primary School in Benoni, can confirm this.

“It makes me the hell in when Charlize talks such crap,” said Breytenbach, who lives on the East Rand.

She was in Grade 3 when Charlize and her younger sister were in Grade 1.


“When she won the Oscar, she said she came from a farm in Africa. That’s rubbish, man. She comes from a plot. Just like me.

“I’m not ashamed to say I come from a plot, but for her it’s a big issue.”

Theron has been busy promoting her latest film, Young Adult, and that’s when she told an interviewer she had been bullied at school.

Breytenbach was very annoyed when she read that.

“She was the one who bullied the other children. And she knew how to manipulate people.”


Breytenbach remembers the day when Charlize was not made a prefect.

“You should’ve seen the drama. The next morning she was in the principal’s office with her parents.

“A day later she was a prefect. She had twisted the principal around her little finger.”

Breytenbach also says Charlize’s story that she grew up poor is rubbish.

“While the other children got at the most 20 cents a day for pocket money, Charlize came to school with R20 every day.”

And Charlize knew how to throw a tantrum if she didn’t get her way, the school friend says.

“Didn’t she get to Hollywood because of the big fuss she kicked up in the bank? She’s dishonest with the world.”


Breytenbach doesn’t spare Theron’s mother either.

“Gerda didn’t greet people. My mother was at the hairdresser when Gerda walked in and my mother greeted her. Gerda just glared at her.”

After Putfontein, Theron finished her school career at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.

“We aren’t all fans of hers. I’m not being petty or jealous. But she must stop telling lies.”

» Theron’s spokesperson in Los Angeles did not respond to questions from City Press.


  • emile.eley - 2011-12-11 16:55

    Wonder what happened in that office.

  • Sharon - 2011-12-11 17:01

    Who actually CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lunga - 2011-12-11 20:32

      I do. I love Charlize. I love Boksburg... great woman. God bless her heart.

      Hans - 2011-12-12 08:29

      Actually you care enough to read this article and comment on it. Wouldn't it be fun if they interview the principal?I would certainly care to know what he thinks.

  • Chantel - 2011-12-11 17:08

    Who cares if she lied or not-she is successful and you are NOT!

      Warren - 2011-12-11 19:51

      So cash trumps integrity does it?

  • Baba - 2011-12-11 17:20

    What do you want to achieve with this? A minutes fame? Did the journos call you or you called them?

  • Paul Mark Maarman - 2011-12-11 17:22

    Seriously....time to let go woman...go see someone....clearly you have issues ..after all these still care...? she made something of her life and you clearly have sad...move on already.

      Vanessa - 2011-12-12 14:56

      The worst is that it is actually considered news-worthy. I saw a woman get run over this morning at a traffic light, and no one even knows her name.

  • Paul Mark Maarman - 2011-12-11 17:23

    Seriously....time to let go woman...go see someone....clearly you have issues ..after all these still care...? she made something of her life and you clearly have sad...move on already.

  • Zion - 2011-12-11 17:35

    Charlize Thron is the best the most beautiful and the best actress we have, or have had. It boggles the mind that tiffs dating out of STD 1 and STD 3 are still alive and well today and occupy the minds of women going into middle age. Most children at that age were up to tricks nasty or otherwise but most grew out of it. One actually feels sorry for the complainant. Keep up the good work Charlize you are and remain the best.

      Burtfred - 2011-12-11 18:42

      She's just an actress, for heavens sake. And you are just a blogger, like me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - I don't behold the most beautiful actress we have ever had when I look at Charlize. Pretty but rather plain actually.

      Warren - 2011-12-11 19:54

      It's Charlize who threw the 1st punches, claiming she was bullied and hard done by. This is nothing new, she's often banging her hard-luck drum.

      Zion - 2011-12-11 19:55

      Burtfred: So shallow and inane like a petulant grade 3 scholar. Things never change, do they? nor will you.

      rossallenronnie - 2011-12-12 07:41

      What the woman want to show you guys is that Charlize is lying about her childhood by doing this everybody must feel sorry for her she is in america now she is not feeling nothing for south africans anymore i will not miss her anyway Charlize stay in america putfontein on the plots will not miss you spoiled brat

      barry.mcbride - 2011-12-12 08:39

      @Zion: STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease

      Winsome - 2011-12-12 08:58

      Oh pul-lease!! The best and most beautiful actress??? Good grief man, your taste is all in your mouth. And so what if someone from her past has commented on what a liar she is - the truth is always there - you just have to wait for it to appear.

  • David Skea - 2011-12-11 17:53

    I don't care...this is a pointless opinionated article, just looking for a pay off it a few mins of fame. Give us real news from people who matter

  • Hilda - 2011-12-11 18:09

    How entertaining!!

      Atholl - 2011-12-11 22:09

      Hilda, I missed my regular dose of Women's Wrestling this week. I like the unpredictability --> - women pulling hair - the flick flack & a heel against the chin - - the whiplash against the unprotected corner post is my favourite! - especially when the rebound results in the whiplashor being knocked out by the whiplashee ... she. But this episode of she vs she makes up for my missed weekly dose, so even though the dosage is mild ... there could still be whiplash to look forward to. Hilda, don't leave during the ad-break, don't blink and get your tummy ready for some hilarious hurting.

  • Joy - 2011-12-11 18:23

    Agree with Bigrp .... who gives a sh*t!!!!!

  • duettists - 2011-12-11 19:25

    Whether the story is true or not, I don't see Charlize as a shrinking violet - do you?

  • bigshowj - 2011-12-11 19:45

    Hope you enjoyed your 15 seconds of fame noob!

  • Roy - 2011-12-11 19:46

    All that has been said about Charlize Theron is propably true and thats why she has become so successful.Average people never get noticed .WELL DONE CHARLIZE,you are beautiful,intellegent and successful.So what if you had to leave some of your admirers in the dust.

  • fredahsm - 2011-12-11 19:47

    Karlien, American tabloids pays more for this crap, you could have approached them rather than City press. now you know where to go for quick cash for tell all crap........

  • janjac.gilbert - 2011-12-11 20:38

    Jealousy makes you nasty.

  • Sharon - 2011-12-11 20:56

    That was her 15 minutes...

  • Dave - 2011-12-11 21:22

    Charlize-Plot, Farm who care's She is a great actress and its not about her past. Its where she is now and how well she has done. Congratulations Charlize Theron this South African and a probably 49 million others are too. Carry on with your name in lights or whatever you want to do. Bravo Encore

  • Alva - 2011-12-11 21:33

    Mmmmm. So Breytenbach is seeking hanger on fame. Shame for you Karlien! Shame on Channel 24 for covering such crap!

  • Itumeleng - 2011-12-11 21:44

    talk about actress by birth

  • Haley - 2011-12-11 22:45

    Ooh, I'm smelling sour grapes... The reason she says she is from a farm is because people here in Europe don't know what a plot is. And hey, if this chick could twist the principal around her finger, she so would have. We all would. End of.

  • brionyl.french - 2011-12-12 05:43

    bla bla bla bla.. people just talk no one actually thinks people will heck the validity of the facts

  • Kevin - 2011-12-12 05:57

    With that jealous tongue I think Charlize needed to bully this sad case.You are probably over weight , look 10 years older and still live on a farm/plot. Charlize , come for a quick visit and kick her ar#e. No individual knows what a kid goes through or who does the bullying. This woman just tried to grab 5 minutes of fame.

  • Gregory - 2011-12-12 07:11

    Go Charlize. You knew what you wanted and you let nothing stand in your way. Took no prisoners. Now one, or some, have to spill their sour juices to City Press of all publications hahahahahahahahaha, while you take the lead role in yet another movie. Get a life woman! Reality is oft boring, so what, we send her to jail now for embellishing something for the unreal world of Hollywood? What a shocker - Charlize told an untruth................. you will burn in hell for all eternity Charlize. Betta take it back, quick like, before your previous envies put in a complaint...........

  • Norene - 2011-12-12 07:17

    Al julle mensies wat so negatief is oor Charlize, stuur asb vir my julle adresse, ek wil vir julle elkeen 'n baksteen stuur vir Kersfees. Hoekom? sodat julle 'n bruggie kan bou daarmee en oor julle negatieweteit kan kom...

  • VerquelineBotha - 2011-12-12 07:40

    and so we all have a story....what's your story????

  • samuelbowker - 2011-12-12 07:42

    I dont know what people see in her, Cape Town is packed with more beautiful girls than her. Kinda tired of seeing her actually.

  • maniza.ahoua - 2011-12-12 07:49

    u r jealous

  • George - 2011-12-12 07:50

    Seems as though there is a PLOT against you

  • Ken - 2011-12-12 08:13

    She is a brilliant actress and to make it in the film industry in America you have to have the American accent. It looks like sour grapes from Breytenbach, maybe even jealousy because Charlize has made something of her life while she is still stuck in the Easr rand and will never go anywhere.

  • Ruth - 2011-12-12 08:14

    You will prob find the truth somewhere inbetween these two stories! Can't believe this is considered news!

  • jaydeeSA - 2011-12-12 08:27

    Why can't we just be happy for the woman??? Why must we always bring the next person down??? If she's a liar and a bully, it's on her - she has to live with that. I choose to look at Charlize in a positive light. I choose to be inspired.

  • danie.vink - 2011-12-12 08:40

    Here Kitty, kitty. Wan't some milk?

  • Craig - 2011-12-12 08:42

    Charlize who ? was she the mayor of istanbul ;p

  • danie.vink - 2011-12-12 08:42

    Here Kitty, kitty. Want some milk?

  • Melissa - 2011-12-12 09:20

    Seriously!!! Build a bridge and get over it!! Let the girl have her fame and glory - it's not like she's lying about being a great actress(which is actually the only important part) So if you couldn't make it off your plot don't be hating that she got off hers! #justsaying

  • Nadine - 2011-12-12 09:22

    Ms. Breytenbach has clearly not been in the US to understand what the Americans would understand with regards to a farm|plot|ranch - look at it in context.

  • Dakey - 2011-12-12 09:24

    Bravo, well done Karlien for standing up to a Hollywood celebrity, I'm sure that must have taken a great deal of courage! I'm also tired of Theron's claims of always fighting apartheid, not understanding why she couldn't play with the black kids etc. and taking every opportunity to tell Mandela him how much she loves him when they're both on camera. Sorry folk, she's a great actress, but if someone that bullied me were to make it big, yet have the audacity to claim to be a victim themselves, I would proudly expose them too! Let's not saintify a person just because they happen to become famous, we're better than that.

  • Lerato - 2011-12-12 09:36

    Its not about where you come from - its where you're going...!!! You talk about primary where you in teh same high school???

  • jacquesalthea.knotter - 2011-12-12 10:39

    Karlien Breytenbach must just find out what people define as a farm as in Holland a plot will be classified as a farm.And if she was a bully that means she stood her ground and I am sure she was bullied as well.So please dont accuse and judge as you where never in her shoes.And yes she probably has lied and I am sure Karlien has never lied .So please ,focus on her good things and what she has done for SA.

  • hosia.modiga - 2011-12-12 12:31

    I guess is how everyone makes money in Hollyhood all this celebrities claimed to be poor bulied abused.....Oprah, tyler Perry you name them!!!

  • hsnam - 2011-12-12 12:52

    Seems to me somone is jealous of Charlize? Open your mouth, make some dumb comments and get ur two minutes worth of fame?

  • Yolande - 2011-12-12 13:11

    Ahh girl, get a life - sour grapes is sooo unbecoming, judging by your vocab, Id say you are what we call in SA a real -maplotter- and will always be one!!

  • giselle.hattingh - 2011-12-12 13:27

    Charlize Theron, is a beautiful and talented young woman. One has to give her that.... what is real and what isn't, my reality definetly differs from anyone elses definition of what is real. I am sure Charlize perceives her youth differently from what the rest of us would if we had known her, it depends on who's doing the looking and with what frame of mind. It doesn't make her version any less real, or for that matter anyone elses, but is it actual and factual, who knows. Bottom line, Charlize is a beautiful young woman, with loads of talent, and as the saying goes, the highest trees gets the most wind.

  • Blade - 2011-12-12 15:04

    Rumor has it theres not many Hollywood producers that havent shagged Charlize...

  • nonceba.motsisi - 2011-12-12 15:20

    This is just pure jealousy of some bitter woman, its clear her life is not getting well and now she says these bad things about Charlize. Go swim with the crocodiles man, NXA.

  • maylani.bezuidenhout - 2011-12-14 11:14

    You have to laugh though, Charlize being caught out like this... 'I come from a farm in Africaaa' - its a Benoni plot skattie! Don't try rewrite your history.. embrace it. Then you won't have your old friends calling you on your bullsh*t.

  • Pierre - 2011-12-17 11:57

    I don’t think the accounts of the ex-schoolmate are that far from the truth. Charlize is a bit of a drama queen and drama queens do feel bullied if they don’t get their way 100% of the time. Strange how many people justify lying and dishonesty. It seems lies are excepted as long as it gets you to the top.

  • Colline - 2012-02-04 19:47

    wow...really???jealous much miss still stuck in BENONI???

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