Deon Meyer beats international rivals

2011-10-27 11:11
Mariana Malan
Cape Town – Books by crime writer Deon Meyer is currently selling better than those by popular Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

According to figures of sales in book stores released by Nielsen; 898 copies of Meyer's Trackers was sold last week, as opposed to 635 of Coelho’s latest offering, Aleph.

The number of pre-orders of Meyer's new book, 7 Dae, have already reached 30 700 according to Eben Pienaar of NB publishers.

The book is scheduled for release in South Africa on November 7.

Spoor, The Afrikaans version of Trackers appeared in October 2007. The book sold 38 000 copies.

Meyer is regarded as the king of local crime writing and his work has gained international success. His novel Thirteen Hours (English translation of 13 Uur) recently won the coveted Barry Prize in America for Best Thriller of 2011. Meyer has also been awarded prizes from France, Germany and Sweden.

Recipe book

An American company has also bought the rights to film Dead before Dying (Feniks), Dead at Daybreak (Orion) and Heart of the Hunter (Proteus). The novel 13 uur (Thirteen Hours) will most likely be adapted for the screen as well.

At a recent launch for Trackers at The Book Lounge in Cape Town, Meyer and Mike Nicol (author of Monkey Business: The Murder of Anni Dewani: The Facts, the Fiction, the Spin amongst others) discussed their work. An aspect that was deliberated on was the structure of Spoor and Trackers.

Meyer noted how he started to feel limited by the crime novel format and thus departed from the structure by telling three distinct stories together and finding their common aspects in the end.

"Crime fiction readers are intelligent," he said. "They will allow you to challenge them, provided that you can draw everything together in a sensible manner, and hold their attention."

Meyer's Afrikaans books will soon be available on the Kindle e-reader device.

He and his wife Antia have also penned a recipe book tilted Kom Eet! Om die tafel met Anita & Deon Meyer.


  • PvdLK - 2011-10-27 11:33

    Can't wait to read the Afrikaans versions on Kindle!

  • aleksandar.bulovic - 2011-10-27 12:19

    There is a concord error in the very first line of this article... shame on you!

  • Ann - 2011-10-27 15:10

    Can't wait to read Tracker. Just love Deon's books & can't put them down!

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